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i consider these to be extremely versatile, meaning they can come in handy in a big variety of situations you face on the water. when fishing for zander i usually use the 6.5cm and 7.5cm models. i use it a lot when fishing carolina or texas rigs for zander in heavy cover areas. i caught a lot of zander at sizes ranging from 7 to 11cm. i fished a lot with their freshwater shad assassin lures, and one of my favorites is the 4” turbo shad. they are the soft baits i trust the most, and i really think that with these 10 baits i could handle most of the tough situations faced on the water.

you totally nailed it with the lunker city shaker, the action of this lure is amazing, even though i didn’t got to fish it a lot. although i’ve got some good results when it comes to lakes, i am more interested in river fishing. i need to to thank you for this good read!! if you like, i can send you some my favorite lures to try. you can contact me by sending email to i have a professional plant of soft baits in china. manns… same result… i changed again on that berkley twitchtail and in few minutes, i started again to have bites from zanders .

its back is green-brown in colour, the flanks are decorated with dark vertical stripes (similar to that of a perch) and its underbelly is cream-white. the eyes are large and in murky waters, often turn opaque to allow the zander to spot its prey. the bait can be used in a similar fashion to a lure, where it is cast out and then retrieved, alternatively, it can be held in place with a weight. presenting your bait slightly further upstream of a bridge is a great tactic to employ when out fishing for zander.

monofilament line is generally better for zander fishing, particularly when ledgering, as zander have a tendency to violently shake their heads from side to side when they reach the surface. it is not uncommon to be fishing for zander using a deadbait only to find a pike on the end of your line. lure fishing from the bank will work, but the best way to catch zander when lure fishing is to fish from a boat for them. jig fishing for zander is a very rewarding way to fish and when done using short rods and light line, will cause every fish to put up a great fight.

the zander is a rather active night hunter that can be caught on lures and natural baits. brightly coloured softbaits on the spinning rod or zander fishing with soft plastic lure – best zander soft best baits. zander are carnivorous and will consume almost anything that they come into contact with, from shrimps and mussels, to other coarse fish, including, fishing lures, fishing lures, saltwater lures, heddon lures, lure making supplies.

12 products strike king bitsy bug mini jig 3.5g – mini jig westin shadteez soft lure 12cm pack of 2 – soft lure strike king rage swimmer 9.5cm pack of 7 – plugs are the most efficient lures for trolling zander. zander, aka pike-perch, use relatively small-sized fish for food. the average length of the prey fish order zander fishing lures at unbeatable prices. find fishing lures from leading brands such as zman, spro & many more – order now for same day dispatch., .

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