winter fly fishing

and it’s also true that a trout’s metabolism slows as water temperature drops, reducing the amount of calories a trout needs to take in to survive. this is ideal for opportunistic trout that not only get the benefit of water that can be much warmer than the air above the surface, but from food sources that can be prolific in tailwater rivers even during the dead of winter. chances are, tailwaters won’t be the place you find the lonely fly fishing experience many anglers crave during winter, especially as you get closer to a dam. a size 20 griffith’s gnat — a fly meant to imitate a cluster of midges trapped together in the surface film — is a great go-to fly during a midge hatch.

let the fly drift, and then swing out beneath you like a midge coming to the top. with the “indicator” fly on the water, i can at least tell when a fish is rising near my fly, and i’ll lift the rod and set the hook when that happens. first and foremost, before you head to a stretch of river that might be just a hair above freezing, take the proper precautions. winter wind-burn can be miserable — wear a face-gaiter or something to ward off the worst of the chill. it seems harder and harder to know what’s… that old, weathered ball cap that’s endured the best of adventures and is likely worse for the wear is a time-honored look.

as you can see, a fishing trip can often be combined with a ski trip. use a strike indicator and weighted fly, or weight on the leader and the high-stick method, which keeps most of your fly line off the water. although dead-drift nymphing is best, if you prefer to swing a fly for trout or steelhead, use a sinking tip line with a very strong mend at the beginning of the cast so your fly swings slow and deep. a small midge emerger or a tiny olive mayfly emerger will be the only dries you’ll need to carry. the flies are small and water is clear. i use 6x mirage for trout fishing and 4x mirage for steelhead under most conditions. once you catch one try not to disturb the water and continue to fish in the same place. you can fish this one in the surface film for risers, but it’s usually more effective deep, with sink putty on the leader (as are all of the nymphs listed here) flashback scud size 16. in spring creeks and tailwaters that hold tiny freshwater crustaceans called scuds, this fly is essential.

this fly in both red and tan imitates aquatic worms that get washed from the streambed when water rises slightly during dam releases on tailwaters. a floating midge pupa pattern you can spot on the water because of its orange parachute post. size 10. this small dark fly wiggles in even the slightest breath of current, important when you are fishing nearly dead-drift in winter. its coloration is a perfect imitation of the sculpin, a small baitfish common in freestone streams. may i simply say what a comfort to find someone that genuinely knows what they are talking about on the net. i was surprised that you’re not more popular given that you definitely have the gift. i will right away clutch your rss as i can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. i found your blog using msn. i’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information.

trout do slow down in the winter months, but they never really stop eating. it’s true that food availability in some rivers and streams is trout tend to have a much lower metabolism in the winter months. they will lay low in the deep pockets moving very little to feed to conserve as michigan has a world class year round fly fishery. yes, even winter fly fishing. the manistee, pere marquette, au sable and other northern michigan rivers, .

winter fly fishing tips & tricks fish the slower water fish in the warmer parts of the day small flies, less weight, longer leaders & lighter tippet tip 2–stalk softly & cast high: when trout are in the slowed down winter mode, the angler should slow down as well. rivers are usually at their coming to ski? bring your fly rod! winter fly fishing in telluride is one of the best-kept secrets in colorado. everyone needs a day off from the slopes,, .

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