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If you want to gather and share the deep knowledge of your company about the industry it’s involved in, then writing a white paper template is the perfect way to do this. Contents 1 White Paper Templates2 What is a white paper?3 White Paper Examples4 Selecting the topic of your white paper5 White Paper Formats6 Preparing to write your white paper template7 White Paper Outline8 The outline of your white paper9 Researching the content of your white paper A white paper template is a report or a guide which informs the readers in a concise manner about a complex issue. Most white paper examples are data-centered and are usually composed of business documents which are text-heavy. In terms of a white paper format, you need to use a tone of formality in the contents. White paper templates in the business world serve as a record of the company’s expertise in their field. This makes them a valuable tool in attracting readers to your company by providing them with the best-quality knowledge of the industry. To draw the attention of readers, consider these factors when choosing a topic: Audience The audience is always the first factor to consider in any business communication. You should already have a target audience before writing your white paper outline template. See to it that the document provides for the reader a complete study which includes internal knowledge and external research. Your business’ own experts should know the white paper’s content and how to compile it.Based on problems and focused on solutions Typically, a white paper must identify then deal with a specific problem. There’s a need for some initial planning before you can start writing a white paper template. It will take a bit of time to do this but it’s necessary to ensure that you come up with a white paper format that’s effective and purposeful.

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If you don’t, you should create a complete guide which may help them.Identify the problems which need solutions After identifying your target audience, you can now think of the kind of information which they require from you. As a secondary aim, you may relate this customer requirement back into your own services or products.Come up with ideas Knowing the problems that need solutions is the theme of the white paper. You can also begin by asking some meaningful questions: Which are the most important issues? Start with the ones which require immediate solutions. You need to find concepts that align with your goals or with your audience. White paper examples can help strengthen the perception that you have deep expertise or knowledge in a specific area you’re known for.Use the proper white paper format Sometimes, you would reach a point where you discover that a different format works better in reaching out to your target audience and in achieving your goals. On average, many white papers are fairly long but the same procedure for outlining you would use for shorter pieces works well either way. An effective outline for a white paper should include the following: Working Title or Headline There’s no rush thinking of a headline, this could come later. But it’s always a good idea, to begin with a “working version” which describes your paper’s topic.Executive Summary Be very concise with your summary, a 200-word explanation of what the paper is all about should suffice. As the heading defines the main problem which needs solving, consider every sub-heading as a sub-point or another step in solving the problem.Sidebars Many white papers take advantage of breakout boxes or sidebars to provide additional data tables or information. List any potential ideas for the sidebar you may have in each section.Conclusion You should end your white paper with a concise summary of the key takeaways. Outstanding white paper templates usually are research-driven and fact-based.

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How many facts or research is necessary for your white paper depends upon the topic you plan to cover. However, if you would like to get things on a higher level, then you have to do more research. They can give you a data-backed basis for the contents of your paper. From these, you can cite relevant statistics and findings when appropriate.Visit government websites There are many government websites which can provide you with relevant data. Again, this depends upon what kind of business you’re in.Do your own research Perhaps this is the most challenging step when writing a white paper. This makes original research that you do yourself uniquely powerful and as it’s exclusively yours. It proves that you are a reliable and authoritative source along with your organization. Since you came out with the white paper through your own research, this makes your work unique and makes it far more significant than one done in an afternoon’s work using Google. Doing your own research gives you that opportunity to know more about your industry and your audience. That length alone would have been good enough to turn it into a white paper. Find and read them so you can determine the knowledge gaps and the opportunities to build on existing contents. This also makes certain that your white paper would be more original rather than something copied.Use a mind map We have mentioned earlier that you can create lengthy white papers.

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This would allow you to catalog and connect all the various pieces of your white paper into one visual overview.

78{908d3659132dfe3f4486ae27db6420adf314c63170b6bbe529d23ae07497800b} of B2B buyers say they use white papers when researching their purchasing decisions, compared to only 28{908d3659132dfe3f4486ae27db6420adf314c63170b6bbe529d23ae07497800b} who cite interactive presentations as part of their content mix. It’s unlikely you have a few hundred or thousand dollars lying around to build out new white papers. But it’s super easy to use, and will make the process of building whitepapers as quick as a snap.

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the ultimate white paper template [free download] white papers and ebooks should be the foundational assets of any content marketing strategy. the numbers don’t lie, at least in this case: white papers are among the top 10 tactics used by b2b content marketers in a cmi study. – a white paper is an authoritative document intended to fully inform the reader on a particular topic. it combines expert knowledge and research into a document that argues for a specific solution or recommendation. the white paper allows the reader to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. jump to the white paper template – but first, be sure to grab your free white paper template (word format). then, use it to put all the advice in this post into editable white paper template, editable white paper template, free white paper template doc, free white paper template doc, startup white paper template, startup white paper template, curata white paper template, curata white paper template

Also, in case you want to make your own template, I’ve captured screenshots of my step-by-step process and shared them below. Especially with involved content like a white paper, do your due diligence and ensure you have the basics of content strategy down. Once you have your strategy down to a T, it’s time to create the actual asset.

We like Helvetica because it’s easy to read, and has a whole catalogue of font variations. Some pages, like key takeaways or breaks in thought, can take up a full page. You can use a color that reflects your corporate structure, or something more vibrant.

We writers, or content strategists, can suck at it. One key is to take a look at the whole document and ensure that your pages have a similar style and feel.