weedless pike lures

based on my experience and the experience of dozens of seasoned pike anglers, the best lure for northern pike fishing in and around weeds is the mepps aglia inline dressed pike spinner (link to amazon). the rapala original floater is the best topwater lure for northern pike when fishing over weeds in my opinion. the best frog lure for pike is actually a kit instead of a single lure. another reason i like these frogs for big northern pike is they are more durable than a lot of plastic-bodied frog lures and even if/when they get shredded by pike, you still have 17 other frogs from the kit to use. picking the right lures for pike fishing in weeds can go a long way to helping you land more and larger northern pike. i have caught more than 50 northern pike in my lifetime which i admit isn’t a ton but most of the pike i did catch were in and around weeds and submerged cabbage.

this inline spinner kit features a collection of the best and most-proven pike patterns available. i like the five of diamonds and the firetiger colors the best for big pike in weeds. assessment: this is the best topwater option for northern pike, especially when fishing in and around weeds. when looking for northern pike, in the summer and fall, a great place to search is among the weeds. since then, i’ve lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. freshwaterfishingadvice is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

most of the time when anglers come away swearing at the aquatic weeds, they came to the party with the wrong gear and the wrong attitude to succeed when fishing in the jungle. most of the time when anglers think about fishing in weed cover their thoughts are zeroing in on northern pike. in general emergent weed types are more challenging to fish because not only does the angler have to deal with the weed growth above the surface, a lot of dead and dying vegetation also enters the picture below the surface. this simple rig is ideal for pitching into openings in the weed growth and allowing it to sink slowly to bottom. if the hook is too small, lots of fish are going to bite, but ultimately get missed during the hook set.

targeting pike in more mainstream submerged weed cover calls for using lures that are designed to cover lots of water quickly. actually, a grain of truth rings true in the idea that walleye favor hard bottom areas. learning how to target walleye in the weeds is an important step for any angler who spends a lot of time fishing in ontario’s algoma country. ball jigs are popular among walleye anglers, but this jig design is not very efficient when it comes to fishing in weed cover. both the long shank and original slo-poke jigs are designed to accept soft plastics. when fishing pike and also walleye in the salad, it’s often best to identify the natural edges that form between weed cover and open water.

the best lures for weedy pike are weedless spoons, shallow-diving crankbaits, inline spinners, frog lures, and noise topwater baits. most pike will reside when fishing for pike in heavy cover, especially in weed and grass, we prefer to rig our softbaits with the sg weedless ewg hooks. most often this is enough everyone gets frustrated with fishing for northern pike, and bass when trying to get in the weeds where the fish really are. here is a lure that is going to, rapala weedless shad, rapala weedless shad, johnson silver minnow weedless spoon, best weedless lures, mepps aglia inline dressed spinner.

traditional baits like oversized spinnerbaits, weedless in-line spinners and weedless spoons are good choices. classic weedless lures shine best many varieties run weedless when rigged texposed on an oversized worm hook. try a berkley hollow belly swimbait, yum money minnow, or z-man soft plastic swimbaits with rotating leaves, weedless jig with paddle tail, fishing lures for bass crappie walleye pickerel muskie pike., mepps 5 aglia, mepps 5, fishing lures, saltwater lures, northern pike, best spring bass lures.

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