walt’s worm fly pattern

dave mckenna is a fly tier after my own heart—he travels a lot for work, so rather than diving into a fly shop to buy local patterns every time he hits a new river, he’s come up with a host of flies that seem to work generally everywhere. it’s a great notion, that of having on hand maybe a dozen different fly patterns that might work no matter where you stop to fish. it’s a worth goal for any venturing angler, that’s for sure. above, dave ties his sexy walt’s worm, a nymph with good weight that works well in fast, heavy water. it’s a clear attractor—a fly meant to imitate any number of aquatic insects on just about any trout stream in america … or beyond. it’s a handsome fly, too, and with the flashy bead and the bright silver wire, it’ll be visible to fish, even in murky water. as runoff approaches, this might be a fly to have in your box in order to get down in turbid water to reach feeding trout.

walt’s worms (not a worm pattern) have been staples in many competitive anglers boxes for years. for whatever reason (i believe it’s lack of confidence in this is a lethal fly that has accounted for hundreds and hundreds of trout and steelhead. it’s effectiveness lies in it’s simplicity. walt’s worm is one of the most popular, effective trout flies for spring creek in central pennsylvania. the walt’s worm is easy to tie and effective in all, walts worm euro nymph, walts worm euro nymph, walt’s worm vs hare’s ear, original walt’s worm, walt’s worm blowtorch.

walt’s worm is named for pennsylvania angler and tier walt young, who created the pattern for fishing spring creek, near his home in state walt’s worm was originated by and named after former ffp employee walt young of altoona, pa. the pattern first hit the ffp fly bins around 1988-1990, and it has walt young’s hares ear pattern, that is one of the simplest but most popular competition jigs. although an easy tie, there are a few nice, walt’s worm variations, walt’s worm dubbing.

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