vertical jigging

learn to make it work right, and the rewards are great, as many have already discovered. mounted to the rod is a lightweight but beefy reel, either spinning or conventional. jig action is determined by the cross section of the jig, as well as the action imparted by the rod, and every manufacturer has its own twist on cross section and shape. when the action is right, the rod tip develops a lively feel of its own. “what happens is the angler establishes a rhythm, focuses on it and keeps it going.”

it is critical that the rod load and recover at the proper speed, which varies with the weight of the jig. beefy is the word when it comes to tackle, lines, leaders and quarry. leaders are tied to welded rings with a clinch knot, and assist hooks are girth-hooked to the welded ring. there is some relationship between the jig and the resistance of the leader.” the leader is tied to a welded ring, and jigs are fastened to that with a split ring. “my hookup rate seems better, and it is a lot easier to handle the unhooking at boat-side with a shorter lead.”

in flowing water walleye are typically glued to the bottom and vertical jigging becomes the most efficient means of targeting them. the ultimate braided lines for vertical jigging are made from eight strands of spectra fiber with a coating that makes the line smooth and handling characteristics similar to nylon monofilament. the 10-pound test 8 strand line is about the diameter of 2-pound test monofilament, making it ideal for vertical jigging applications. use a jig that is heavy enough to easily make contact with the bottom.

also, stand-up style jigs are useful for vertical jigging because when the jig is allowed to touch bottom it doesn’t tip over and increase the odds of fouling. sometimes referred to as chasing the line, vertical jigging is the constant process of moving the boat over top of the jig to keep the line vertical in the water and the jig positioned close to bottom. how the jig is moved up and down in the water often plays a huge role in how walleye react to the jig. because most of the bites occur when the jig is falling and it’s impossible to feel bites on slack line, most of the fish are detected when the angler snaps the rod tip to jump the jig again. try to envision the jig in the water and work hard at keeping that jig within a couple of inches of the bottom all the time.

a metal jig with free-swinging hooks is dropped beneath the boat and retrieved with a rhythmic motion that creates a vertical walk-the-dog sometimes referred to as chasing the line, vertical jigging is the constant process of moving the boat over top of the jig to keep the line vertical jigging in a kayak can be an exhausting technique. jigging even for 30 minutes can leave you feeling like you want to chop your arm off, .

i love vertical jig fishing. of all the methods to catch fish, i will almost always choose to jig before anything else. why have my bow-mounted electric set up and running when vertical jigging? because good boat control leads to perfect jig and jigging assassin vertical jigging rods. high speed jigging rods. purchase below. assassin artemis surf rods product image. assassin artemis jigging rod (35-55lb)., .

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