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clever library is a place where teachers can discover new edtech to use in the classroom with their students. help students learn where letters are on a keyboard with the blank keyboard lesson. once the video is over, the students should work on lessons 1-8 in typingclub’s typing jungle lesson plan that teaches students how to type the f and j keys. “with the increased pressure to have students completing their assignments online, i quickly realized my students needed some support to become efficient typists. the kids love it, and i can already notice a difference in their typing!” – 5th grade teacher once students have basic touch typing skills, you can help them improve their speed and accuracy with nitro type. many teachers create an offline “leaderboard” with goals for their students to meet. “i use nitro type to motivate my students to practice keyboarding.

with the teacher portal, i can also have my students race against each other, and as a special treat on fridays i project nitro type onto the board and offer them the opportunity to “race the teacher”! next, assign your students to the beginner curriculum to ensure correct finger placement while typing. don’t forget to have your students practice their “problem keys” with the lessons provided at least once a week! “as part of our focus on typing – an essential 21st century communication skill students need to succeed in school and beyond – we organized a district wide keyboarding competition with 6,200 students competing using typing.com. open to legal residents of the u.s. age 18 or older who teach at any of the schools registered with clever, and are located in districts where the clever library is turned on. odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. sponsor: clever, inc. yovana is a partner marketing manager at clever, where she works to provide students and teachers with hundreds of learning applications.

home row. click the lesson to begin. introduction to typing. 1. keys f & j. 2. space bar. 3. review: f & j. 4. keys d & k. 5. jungle junior is an interactive typing game for kids. through the course of about 200 friendly, colorful videos and typing jungle is a carefully designed new lesson plan containing over 650 lessons, games, videos, an improved, typing club, typing club, typing club login, typing games, typing practice.

jungle junior is a specialized lesson plan created with young learners in mind. learn more. left and right hand. typing reset progress; remove from dashboard. typing jungle. typing jungle. start. close ×. ×. upgrade to premium. blank keyboard grid handout and typing jungle. lesson plan progress tracker. videos. introduction to typing and, typing tiger, typing ninja, ace typing club, typing lessons

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