twitching lure

fish love wounded bait fish or minnows, and the more your live bait or lure can mimic a wounded minnow, the more action you will have. this set of behaviors is programmed to engage a fish on the three senses that compel it to feed – sight, feel, and hearing. the rechargeable twitching lure does not depend on the fisherman’s experience and skill. it works even if it is simply drifting in the water. that’s what makes the lure twitch, flash, and buzz. fish can’t resist a lure with this technology. and when you try a rechargeable twitching lure, you will understand why. this new technology takes the wishing out of fishing. cast, let sit 30 seconds as it floats it will not snag on the bottom. stop, let sit at end of retrieve and fish will get interested.

this lure suspends at 12-18 inches below the surface, it sits like a wounded minnow. fast for deeper and slow for less deep. when it sits, fish will come to investigate! every bass pro has dozens of these lures in different colors and specs to match the natural baits as close possible! this crank bait will swim at 10 feet. stop and twitch it along the way. it wasn’t enough for bobby to simply invent the most innovative and unique artificial bait of the 21st century. this lure will drive fish crazy. the lure looks like a bait fish gone bat-s**t crazy….hence the name of this artificial lure is the crazy bob! it comes in 4 colors , natural, black and silver, baby bass, el diablo, this lure will retrieve at 10 to 15 ft , depending on speed of retrieval, or can be just cast out and left to its own movement. a natural shrimp will move or swim in the water, it will also vibrate and glow with a florescent colored light to match the body color.

in full transparency, the video that i first found with the “over the top catch a fish on every cast guarantee” appears to be the original video for this lure. here is a screenshot of the original video so you don’t think i am making this stuff up (the guarantee was expressed both verbally and with text overlay on the video). we should have ours in hand by the end of next week, and we will take it out, test it out, and do a video review for you shortly after we receive it.

i purchased the “buy one get one free deal from the twitching lure infomercial” and waited over 2 months to get and when it came i received 12 lures when i only ordered 2!!! i like the device, it is a great idea but can i suggest that the lure is improved in two ways; first supply a rubber blank for the charging hole so water cannot ingress. i have had a good run with their lures so far and will continue to use them.. kind of sucks as i read some of the reviews… seems like the company does need to do some work on the mechanical end of these lures. we bought a pac of 2 cast the line after charging, tested in water to check it does glow and twitch, check, then off we went, cast it , no left for home unplugged the plug and its full of water, does not twitch, glow or charge, going to ask for a refund in december of 2014, these two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers:

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