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to the left is a picture of me at a wedding in october 2008 (i couldn’t find an image that was closer to the start of my training, but i looked pretty much that way until february when i started with this program). you can see a picture of him and his dog bally at the start of this review. each workout takes only about 45 intense minutes all in all – this includes warm-ups and a cool down – and you do three of those per week. besides the obvious positive health effects there are a few other good reasons why i chose turbulence training and why i am sticking with it. these reasons are also solutions to some of the most common reasons/excuses why people don’t get in shape and make regular exercise a part of their lives. so it has been hard for me to be consistent with cardio training over the years. i have lifted weights pretty consistently but always stopped doing cardio exercise after a couple of weeks. after you have done about 8 such exercises in a row you get to rest for just one minute.

and after one more minute of rest then you do them one last time. craig says, like many other fitness experts, that your diet is the biggest part of what determines your fat loss. so i followed the instructions from craig’s nutrition plan and ate a lot of veggies, whole foods and kept an eye on my calories to make sure i had a calorie deficit in my daily diet. so i realized that i had to monitor it in some way. the free calorie counter on fitday.com helped me with this every day and i learned a lot about what i put into my body. even with the help of these tips, i slipped and cheated a bit with candy and beer and it wasn’t easy on some days, but i did keep myself on track most of the time. a better and healthier choice was simply to nudge myself in the right direction again. although i am very happy with my own results so far i wanted to add a few other before and after pictures that kinda blew my socks off.

i did it with one of the most popular workout programs out there, craig ballantyne’s turbulence training for fatloss. fitness expert, but does his stuff work? shocking craig ballantyne review reveals if turbulence training is right for you. find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for turbulence training for fat loss at amazon.com. read honest and, . it is interesting to note that the program has received praise by many people who have followed it. most are impressed not just by the effectiveness of the program for losing fat, but also by the speed of results and by its simplicity. however, while effective and simple, turbulence training is not easy.

learn all that you can about turbulence training before committing to a purchase – read our review what is turbulence training and how can it help you get in shape faster while cutting hours off turbulence training is definitely one of the better weight loss products i’ve reviewed. the training protocol is,

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