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after a dozen or so he pushed the rod toward me and said “catch a few man, at least there are fish to be caught”. trout spey fishing still requires a waterborne or an arielized anchor and a “d” loop to load the rod but is lighter and more forgiving than a traditional full-sized two hander. for the beginner, a great starter rod would be an 11’ 3wt as lines for this rod are easy to find in both scandi and skagit options. the shooting head for trout spey setups can be either a skagit style or a scandi style. they allow you to make long casts and allow for delicate presentations to the finickiest of trout and grayling.

be sure to select a tip that will reach your desired depth and do not be afraid to change them out to match the depth where the fish are feeding. fishing a leader between 2’-4’ will allow your fly to sink and match the depth of your sink tip. for more information on finding the right airflo fly line, check outâ /â and be sure to follow them on instagram atâ @airflofishing. i hope my “fears” turn to joys by years end, or early 2022. those “fears” being that mayfly will not reintroduce the fully integrated trout spey and spey lines airflo had while under a uk company ownership. so, i bought up as many as i could find to cover scandi and skagit lines from 240gr.

at first you might be saying to yourself, i thought that spey rods were for fishing for salmon in the uk or hunting steelhead in the nw. well, welcome to the ever-expanding world of trout spey. but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at how uncomplicated it really is. the newer  rods are available today in shorter and much more manageable lengths. that is what i believe rods with trout spey designation fall into. we can only guess as to what we will see in the near future as rod makers expand their two-handed selections. our traditional trout spey season begins with the bwos of october and fishes well throughout the bwos of may.

most of the time i am swinging soft hackles to emerging or rising, mayfly-chasing trout. smaller buggers and attractor patterns will also interest a few fish along the way. modern scandi and skagit lines are becoming shorter and easier to cast. floating intermediate rio mow tips are available in many sink rates and types, all the way to a fully sinking t-18 tip. scandi lines today are a blast to cast, with the ability to create nice, tight loops coupled with ever-so-delicate presentations. at headhunters of craig, montana we constantly field phone calls regarding the question of how to apply the trout spey discipline to their local waters. the answers are plenty and varied.

spey casting is a casting technique used in fly fishing. spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a spey rod. spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting. a trout spey can be used to minimize backcasting when fishing close quarters on tight streams but they are also often used on larger rivers when these spey rods are perfect for spey casting for trout sized fish. they are essentially switch rods designed to be cast two-handed for trout. trout spey rods today start at the freakishly fantastic 2 weight on up to the very capable 5 weight. rod lengths are quite easy to handle, feeling more like, .

“trout spey” rods in the 2-4 weight range (150-350 grains) are our preferred tools. this new breed of trout-specific spey rod are a blast to cast and fight trout spey reels the only attribute we would define as “spey” when it comes to reels is a full or closed cage on the frame. this means you trout spey – you may have heard that term or others like “trout skagit” or “micro spey” thrown around. too often, gear junkies unfortunately are guilty of, .

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