trout jerkbait

when you are looking to upgrade from the typical 12 inch stocker rainbows and catch yourself a trophy trout, your best bet is a jerkbait. once native trout (and stockers, sometimes) reach a certain size, they move to a strictly baitfish diet. tie on a jerkbait, it’s trophy trout szn. trout are some of the smarter fish we commonly target, so a lifelike design is usually featured on trout jerkbaits. casting into, and retrieving against the current will help the action and resist line twist, something to always consider when trout fishing in rivers. jerkbaits will be most likely to catch you a trophy trout hiding out and waiting to ambush, so think about spots they may be waiting for a snack to swim on by.

the fast current on the sides of these obstructions cause baitfish to swim by, and big trout wait for the passersby. open your bail and pitch the bait into the current, adjacent to the suspected hiding spot. close the bail once you’ve let out a comfortable amount of line and begin to reel back slowly. another way to fish jerkbaits for trout bites is like a crankbait. the violent jerking of a typical jerkbait, much like the bass fishing technique, can sometimes spook trout, but a consistent cast and reel in a slow, steady motion keeps the wobble tight. especially when fishing against current, you can fish jerkbaits for trout like a standard crank at a shallow depth, giving the impression of a little baitfish moving from point a to point b, unsuspecting of the lurking trout.

it would take hundreds of nymphs or mayflies to match the energy potential of a single baitfish and the trout know it. i start fishing at the bottom of a long pool or run. if a trout strikes my lure, but i fail to set the hook. the more i fish a river, the better i get at recognizing where the trout are feeding. while standing on the shore, i cast a floating jerkbait directly in front of me and close the bail. i estimate to the exact point the lure is approaching the branches, before pausing and letting the lure float to the surface. i much prefer to go in a wide lazy s, this way the lures far behind are constantly cutting the corners. the original floating rapala is one of the most fished jerkbaits in the world, and there is a reason. the countdown is one of my most successful jerkbaits for trout fishing, and i highly recommend it.

like all rapala lures the countdown is available in a wide selection of sizes. many trout hunt from the cover of vegetation so this is one way to put a jerkbait right in the strike zone. these are the same hooks that rapala uses on their jerkbaits and i have never had one straighten or break on a trout. just how durable are yo-zuri baits?, i still own and fish with the first yo-zuri pin minnow lure i purchased. the pointer 65 is made from high-quality components and with a very lifelike finish. the quality of construction seems to be a step up in quality over what you will find on a rapala. it is really hard to judge, but i feel the yo-zuri hooks are tougher. it is a struggle to find a telescopic rod that i will recommend for trout fishing. i was unable to retrieve them, it is much too cold to be taking a dip this time of year.

using jerkbaits for trout is a common technique, but mainly for trophy trout! here are some tips on when, where, and how to use this technique! want to catch more or bigger trout. our best jerkbait (minnow lure) guide for trout fishing might just help you do that. there are two sized lures to choose from with dynamic lures, the first being the bigger of the two: jspec. this jerk bait has caught me more big, rapala jerkbait for trout, rapala jerkbait for trout, trout magnet, best jerkbaits for trout, trout magnet jerkbait.

the signature series jerkbaits are finely tuned and tested to bully big trout following 3 years of proven experience catching trophy fish. best jerkbait for trout fishing. when it comes to jerkbaits, you have three different types (sinking, suspending, floating). i mostly use a suspending lure ( because jerkbaits are designed to imitate shiner minnows, smelt and alewife natural chrome colors tend to be the best for trout and salmon applications. however, jerkbaits for brown trout, best jerkbait colors for trout, jerkbaits for speckled trout, how to rig a jerkbait.

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