trout fishing in winter

layer solid fishing techniques on top of that, and you’ll catch trout on the fly all winter long. if it’s not, and the trout populations are dependent on stocking, thermal stress from the summer may have killed most of the fish you hope to catch. once you understand the type of stream you’re fishing, and where the trout will most likely be found, it’s time to consider food sources. brown trout tend to hang in the slower pools and pocket water. without confidence, you’ll probably give a fly a half-hearted effort and then toss it back in the box.

so, if you drift your fly in the right line and at the right depth, there’s a good chance that the trout will take your tiny fly in to test it out. like the weather, winter fly selection is a matter of extremes. a strike indicator (a bobber if you want to be real about it) rigged at the correct depth helps keep your fly at the correct depth. getting close allows you to keep most of your fly line off the water, giving you a more natural-looking drift. casting upstream gives the fly a chance to sink deeper. his work has been featured in the journal of mountain hunting, backcountry journal, t-nation,, men’s health, and men’s fitness, among others.

to keep your core warm and help you concentrate on the fishing, i start with a good set of synthetic or wool long underwear, top and bottom. if it is snowing, i will use a lighter weight puffy and shell jacket to keep the snow on the outside and seal in my heat from the precipitation and wind. a base layer hood underneath a winter hat will also keep your neck warm and really boost the heat-holding potential of your kit. i also carry a pair fingerless gloves with a foldover-style mitten attached at the back. if you catch one worthy of a photo, make a plan with your buddy while the fish is in the net, keep ‘em wet and work quickly to minimize harm. i wear pantyhose-thin socks in my ski boots and let my boot liners do their job, even when it is below zero on the chairlift.

pro tip 2: pay attention to your feet and when they start to get tingly or numb, hop out of the river and take a break. this is not the time to fish a team of 5 flies. i like to fish a streamer slow and steady with a jiggy action. remember your cast, position in the river and the amount of time you allowed the fly to sink. keep in mind that the increase in water temperature is the trigger and the water will take a little longer to warm up than the air. the knee-high boots give me enough clearance from the water to load and unload the boat and i find this set of gear to be warmer and more comfortable than my waders. just good to know in general how to stay warm out there, the gloves and socks gear are surprisingly low-tech.

trout do slow down in the winter months, but they never really stop eating. it’s true that food availability in some rivers and streams is the key to winter streamer selection is color. light-colored streamers work best in winter, but there are always exceptions. carry a spectrum of when fishing sinking lines in the winter, try to find the bottom with the fly. remember your cast, position in the river and the amount of time, .

trout do feed in winter, especially if water temperatures climb above 40 degrees. if the law allows, try winter trout fishing in your area. trout won’t be found everywhere, though, in fact they will probably be concentrated in just a few pools. although spring is undoubtedly the ideal trout time for trout fishing, winter also has its merits. what most winter trout fishers discover is that they not all trout rivers are open to angling during the winter, but most lakes are (although, obviously, many are frozen-over at least part of the the best places to find winter trout in this narrow section of water are channel bends and any holes where a small stream flows into the main river. fly-fishing, . if you’re ready to give winter fly fishing a try, keep these eight tips in mind.slow down. in the winter, everything slows down, and your presentation needs to do the same. look for deep, slow water. size down. fish tailwaters. know your winter dry flies. sleep in. target warm days. try dead drifting a streamer.

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