trolling for mahi

whether they’re trolling along weed lines or in the open ocean, sight-casting to fish on floating debris, or even plucking them from above using a kite, four pro skippers — operating out of key largo, islamorada, marathon and key west — share their strategies to locate and capture this neon-blue-and-brilliant-gold treasure. “they come off that deep magnum, almost like a dredge, and eat the surface lure.” capt. “even if it’s just a thin, broken weed line, i’ll put out a couple of baits so we’re fishing something — maybe a strip bait with a little head to keep it in the water, and a japanese feather so i can pull them fast when i need to — but we’re focusing on sight‑fishing,” adler says. “we see nine out of 10 dolphin before they find the rigger baits, and if you miss a fish, you can turn and get back to it a lot easier.” he prefers to fish bait, though. “you want to parallel the direction the birds are moving, then lay off a hundred yards, and wait.

mahi will come under a weed line to hit a bait.” “we’ll troll two rigger baits right by a piece of debris, but dolphin stand out like a sore thumb from the tower, so we usually hook fish by pitching a live bait before we hook one on a rigger,” lewis says. “once you hook one, keep it 5 or 10 feet out from the boat, just close enough that it can’t get into the motors,” which keeps the school interested, weinhofer says. dolphin chase them all over the ocean and never come back.” “use a sabiki rig to catch bait from the debris or weed,” navarro adds. wind that kite bait out of the water and pitch a dead bait,” he continues. if it’s a large bull with tough skin, split the fillet along the spine, and pull it off in two pieces.” “i never pull the skin. reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

are hard-fighting, good-eating dolphinfish beginning to make you think you should get out on a boat and go fishing? the technique of trolling is especially effective when you throw multiple lines in the water at one time, making you and your boat look like a school of tasty bait fish just waiting to get snapped up by some hungry dorados. a big part of beginner dolphin trolling basics is making sure your lure is staying where you want it in the water. make sure that your rod and reel are up for the battle of taking in a mahi.

so just make sure you are matching the size of the lure to whatever the fish are eating and you will be in business. if you’re wondering how to catch a mahi-mahi with a lure or bait, you’ve come to the right place. it’s always nice to be able to get your line in the water fast, and bait can be expensive. baiting them will definitely make them a bit more attractive to the fish who are attracted to the vibrations and noise that they make moving through the water, but when it’s choppy out,  you don’t want to spend all of your time reeling in a lure because the bait slipped right off. fishing for dolphin is one of the best sporting experiences on a boat in south florida, so don’t let fishing make itself all about expensive gear.

look for a weed line or any other kind of flotsam in the water. troll the edge of the weed line heading one direction and then crossing and “first catch whatever dolphin you can, then set up a wahoo rod and troll by it as close as you can at 14 knots,” he says, using high-speed wahoo mahi mahi are aggressive fish and will eat fast as well. professionals tell you to troll for mahi mahi between 2 and 9 knots. try varying speeds, trolling depth for mahi, trolling depth for mahi, best line for trolling mahi, trolling speed for mahi, how to rig mahi lures.

to catch massive mahi-mahi fish, you don’t just need any trolling lures, you need a combination of skill and the best mahi lures. strong currents and temperature breaks: mahi mahi often swim in offshore currents and temperature breaks. currents like the gulf stream contain warmer water look for weed lines when you’re trolling for dolphin; the mahi-mahi are quick to seek shelter from the sun, and they do so by going under, best bait for mahi mahi, trolling speed for dolphin, trolling speed for tuna, best rod and reel for mahi mahi.

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