trico fly

the trico mayfly is not a favored hatch by many guides in montana. stand to the side of the rising fish, and cast your fly down and across, perhaps just a little long. the trout sees the fly first, not the leader and line, providing a more natural presentation. additionally, a longer leader allows the fly to float more naturally. the best way to set a hook with fine tippet is the statue of liberty set. when you feel pressure, simply stop moving, and allow the trout to move away on a very loosely set drag.

the reach cast is one of the most important casts in a fly anglers arsenal. not always easy, and with a trico, almost guaranteed to drown the fly. the drowned trico is a multi-purpose imitation. if you read the rise form, and the trout isn’t coming all the way to the surface, the drowned trico gets to the level where the fish is feeding. it’s a great fly to get to the fish that normally never see a fly. 25 fish are rising, so you cast out in the middle and assume a fish will eat your bug. choose your target, time the rise, and place your fly in a specific lane.

tricos are an incredibly fun dry fly to fish, especially on rivers like the bighorn river that boasts a large trout population. it looks like the river is boiling with all the trout noses coming up sipping trico spinners. water temperature, quality, and geographic temperature play a huge role in the numbers that hatch in each river, but most trout streams have a decent trico hatch at some point. they are very temperature sensitive so on the hot days it is imperative to get to a good dry fly spot as early as 6:00 am to fish the spinner fall. these cool days are the best as you can fish the dun hatch and wait for the spinner to fall all in the same spot. the trico, like all mayflies, has a three-stage life cycle.

when the water temperature and time of year are right, the trico mayfly will “hatch” to the surface of the river and metamorphize from its nymph stage into a flying insect stage. in this stage, the trico floats down the river, drying off, and eventually flies into a nearby tree limb to sit and molt off the exoskeleton and reveal a shiny under-body and iridescent, clear wings. when the trico has finished molting, it flies back over the river and meets with the thousands of other trico spinner’s hovering over the water to mate. once the mating process is complete, the female will grow a green egg sac almost half the size of her entire body and slowly descend to the river, where she will release her egg sac and die on the surface of the river. they stack up in places the tricos will be condensed like seam lines and back eddies, and they go to eating. trout are so fixated on eating tricos that it’s virtually impossible to spook them with line or pulling a fish out of the feasting pod of trout.

best trico fly patterns ron’s trico spinner hi-vis trico spinner quigley’s midge cluster drowned trico female trico comparadun additional trico resources. the trico mayfly is not a favored hatch by many guides in montana. it is very complex, with males and females, spinners, adults and cripples. they love the sun, trico duns and spinners range in size from 3.5 to 6.5 mm and can be imitated with size 18 to 26 hooks. they are the only small mayfly you are, trico spinner, trico spinner, trico emerger fly pattern, trico mayfly patterns, trico midge.

the trico mayfly (tricorythodes minutus) vary in size from #18 to #24. males emerge in the evening, and spend the night in a local shrub along the river. tricos are a small mayfly of the tricorythodes genus that hatch in prolific numbers from july – october. the duns are a pale gray/olive in color with light tricos are small mayflies that hatch in extraordinary numbers from july to october. tricos are an incredibly fun dry fly to fish,, trico dun, trico dry fly, trico hatch, how to fish a trico spinner.

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