Test plan template

Test plan template is a sample test document that shows the test process, test procedure and framework for various system or project testing and evaluation. A well drafted sample test plan can help the business and managers to evaluate the usability, reliability and performance of system, software or hardware.


Test Plan Overview

Test plan needs to have a clear purpose and objectives. The testing process can’t operate in a vacuum. Performing your testing tasks would be very difficult if the programmers wrote their code without telling you what it does, how it works, or when it will be complete. Likewise, if you and the other software esters don’t communicate what you plan to test, what resources you need, and what your schedule is, your project will have little chance of succeeding. The software test plan is the primary means by which software testers communicate to the product development team what they intend to do. It is crucial to have a good communication with system development team.

Test plan needs to establish a reasonable expectations about quality and reliability standards about the testing products. At the beginning of testing, it is important to know the standards for quality and reliability. This area generates lots of discussion, but it’s imperative that everyone agrees to what these goals are. A sales rep will tell you that the software needs to be as fast as possible. A programmer will say that it needs to have the coolest technology. Product support will tell you that it can’t have any crashing bugs. Therefore, The goals of the test plan must be absolute so that there’s no dispute on whether they were achieved.

Test Plan Template

There are free test plan template you can download for reference, however, you may create your own sample test plan template using common software such as Word or Excel. During the design process, it is important to consider the test plan format, test plan layout and test plan outline.

The first key part in test plan template is the test plan background information. In the section, you need to give basic information about the project or system. For example, the system name:__; The system testing goals:___; The system test team:__; The system test date:__.

The second key part in test plan sample is the test plan scope and test strategy. In the section, you need to show the details of testing scope. What areas are to be tested, the standards. For example, the test area 1:__; Test area 2:__; Number of test:__; Test Results:__.

The last key part in test plan example is the test resources. In the section, you may state the support and resources that are needed for performing the test. Test planning needs to identify the people working on the project, what they do, and how to contact them. For example, the Testing Person:__; The Roles and responsibility:__ etc.