tenkara fly fishing

there are cross currents everywhere and the long rod and light line make it much easier to get a drag-free drift or to keep a fly in an eddy. interestingly, in europe, which has an even longer tradition of fishing with a long rod and line tied to the rod tip, flies have been tied to match specific insects for almost 2000 years. the japanese use tenkara rods only for trout and only in mountain streams. i would suggest you not get too wrapped up in the definitions or the terminology used to describe a specific type of fishing that just isn’t done in japan. i have not gotten to the point, and i doubt i ever will, where i think tenkara is only for trout and only in mountain streams. as with tenkara rods, though, people in the us do not limit their use of keiryu rods to mountain streams, or for that matter, to bait.

what you will also find at tenkarabum is a wider selection of rods, lines, and accessories than at any other tenkara rod company in the us (and probably any outside of japan). in a sense, i have and you are reading it now. “be sure in casting, that your fly fall first into the water, for if the line fall first, it scares or frightens the fish…” – col. robert venables 1662 to be notified when a specific item is back in stock, please use the back in stock form on and list the item(s) you want. i am literally fishing waters that nobody wants to but are full of fish!alan j, colorado i just wanted to say thank you for the information on this site. it is informative, enticing and you sell good stuff at a good price with a personal touch….can’t really say i’ve encountered all that anywhere.david b, north carolina i just want to say “thanks” for the personal care you took in preparing my recent order of my first tenkara outfit. i love the rod.lorenzo b, california thank you for your note included with the recent shipment of keepers, a nipper and some utah killer bugs.

a rare but simple type of fly fishing born in japan, tenkara is primarily used to fish for trout and other fish in the freshwater mountain streams. it wasn’t until the 1950s that tenkara resurfaced as a popular sport fishing method and spread across japan. today, tenkara anglers are drawn to this unique method of fly fishing because of its simplicity and effectiveness. these qualities and more are what make tenkara a go-to form of fly fishing for beginners. another reason anglers are attracted to tenkara fly fishing is the intuitive nature of this fishing technique. while tenkara is considered a simpler way to fly fish, what to wear when fly fishing is still critically important.

tenkara rods are appealing to many anglers because they require minimal equipment, don’t have a reel and are easy to transport, especially when hiking and backpacking. just as the mend is important when casting up and across the current during traditional fly fishing, there are times you must reposition the fly line on the water with tenkara fishing. beyond the rods’ length, most tenkara rods include a progressive taper, are lightweight and have a responsive tip for when your catch fights back. tenkara lines don’t have a leader but use a tippet, which is a thin line between the fly and the main tenkara line. the main qualities an angler should look for in their tenkara rods are visibility and weight. tenkara is all about technique, so, when choosing a fly, it’s less about the fly you use and more about how you use it. tenkara is a widely appreciated method of fishing that simplifies the sport of fly fishing.

a complete tenkara set including the best-selling tenkara rod on the market. everything you need to tenkara fish, except for a fishing license and water. shop tenkara rod co. is based in idaho. tenkara is not only about catching fish, but simplicity. in tenkara we use a rod, a line, and a fly. tenkara fishing is a type of simple rod angling traditionally practiced in japan. primarily used for mountain stream trout fishing, tenkara is still a, tenkara vs fly fishing, tenkara vs fly fishing, best tenkara rod, tenkara usa, tenkara rod co.

tenkara is a method of fly fishing that originated in the mountains of japan and has now developed into a modern pastime. it uses quite long rods, tenkara rod: weighing just 3 ounces, this 12-foot fly fishing rod has a 6:4 rod action. it includes 9 sections made of durable im8 graphite. its 9 3/4 inch-long think thin blue lines on topo maps. fishing trips that are all about the adventure, chasing wild brook trout, and less about crowds and stocked fish. shop now., tenkara fishing for beginners, tenkara rod reviews, tenkara rods for sale, tenkara rod amazon.

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