tarpon fly fishing

if you’ve spent the majority of your fly fishing career being land-locked and targeting predominately freshwater species like trout, how do you bridge the gap and transition into becoming a saltwater tarpon angler? you do not want to sign up to go fish a classic one-dimensional permit fishery destination because with the difficulty, you are probably not going to do very well the first time around if it is your first saltwater fishing experience. eats and hook-ups come next and after that a better likelihood of landing those fish as you are starting to refine your new saltwater fishing techniques. if you think that you are going to hook and land the first one hundred pound tarpon you see, you may be in for a rough surprise.

if you have purchased a brand new 11-weight rod for your first tarpon trip, don’t wait until you are on day one at the lodge to string it up and start getting the feel for it! when handling a tarpon after you have landed it, it’s important to keep the fish in the water. taking the time to study up on tarpon and tarpon techniques will prepare you for a truly unforgettable experience and possibly the fish of a lifetime. it takes time to realign your instincts of trout fishing into a saltwater fishing approach, where having your rod tip low and in the water lets you focus on strictly strip-setting the hook.

fly fishing for tarpon is to many the pinnacle of our sport. the coolest thing about fly fishing for tarpon is that you can convince them to bite. most of the year we fly fish for tarpon in the backcountry of the florida keys. the tarpon back here are generally more relaxed and therefore easier to catch on most days. they can be caught and the visual spectacle of big schools of tarpon swimming in gin clear water is hard to beat. nautilus, tibor, hatch and hardy all make good reels for tarpon fishing in the florida keys. you can call me for more information on tackle suggestions for fly fishing for tarpon in the keys.

you are actively poling a flat or a beach looking for them, or you stake out and wait for the tarpon to come to you. it involves sitting in one spot either on anchor, or with the push pole stuck in the flat and waiting for the tarpon to come to you. this method is most suitable for those new to fly fishing for tarpon because it allows time to prepare for the shot. practice when it’s windy with a fly attached to the leader. if you can try to visualize the tarpon coming at you when you are practicing. when you set the hook while fly fishing for tarpon, you want a long quick set. this is key especially when fishing  for laid up tarpon in the back country of the florida keys. if you follow these suggestions and practice, you will find success fly fishing for tarpon in the florida keys.

discover seven useful and need-to-know tips to help you hook, fight, and land tarpon on the fly. the tarpon fishing here is made up of two vastly different fisheries. most of the year we fly fish for tarpon in the backcountry of the florida keys. these tarpon are one of the most exciting game fish, and also one of the most challenging to catch on fly. mary raulerson., .

san felipe is the mecca for baby tarpon on the fly, not overcrowded with tons of water and mangrove wetlands to fish and explore. the fishing for baby fly fishing for tarpon. i think the real reason people fly fish on the flats is because it’s challenging. we don’t just one day decide that we are going to fly fishing for tarpon in the florida keys and everglades is steeped in legend, and the ‘silver king’ is one of the most revered saltwater fly fishing, .

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