System test plan template

System test plan template is a sample test plan document that shows the system test plan process, system test plan procedure for testing the system function and performance. A well designed sample system test plan can help business and developer to reduce the system development risks and improve the likelihood of success.


System Test Overview

System test can identify the magnitude and source of system development risks. When a company contemplates a new development project, it prepares a business case that clearly identifies the expected benefits, costs, and risks. If the cost of the project is not recovered within a reasonable time by the benefits the project is deemed unprofitable and is not authorized to start. No testing is required, unless the business case is tested. A well thought system test planning can help business identify the hidden risks.

System test can help business reduce the risks. system test planning includes two types of test, one type is positive testing which is looking for things that work as required. Another type of system testing is negative testing which is looking for things that break. The test planning effort emphasizes the risk areas so that the largest possible percentage of the test schedule and effort (both positive testing and negative testing) are dedicated to reducing that risk.

System Test Plan Template

There are free test plan example you can download for reference, however, you may format your own sample system test plan template based on your business needs and requirements. During the development process, it is essential to know the system test plan format, system test plan outline and system test plan layout.

The first key part in system test plan template is the system test plan overview. In the section, you may give basic background information about the system test such as the date, system test objectives and goals, system test duration etc.

The second key part in system test plan format is the system test scope and resources. In the section, you need to give details of the system testing scope. For example, the features that need to be tested:__; Features that is not to be tested:__; System test resources:__ etc.

The last key part in system test plan example is the system test strategy. In the section, you need to show how you will perform the system test. For example, The system test procedures:__; The system test environment:__; System test tools required:__; System test criteria:__.