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i’ll explain my take on how to fish a swim jig, diving in to setup, zones, and the general process of fishing this unique pattern. the swim jig resembles a baitfish in the shallow water and is a very natural presentation. if the fodder fish in the ecosystem you are fishing are small and unimposing, then i find that the smaller swim jig (5/8-1/4oz) will get more bites. i always try to match the size, shape, and color of the swim jig to the forage in the lake.

when fishing clearer water, i normally stick to more natural colors such as bluegill colors, green pumpkin, and sometimes i’ll fish a green pumpkin-colored jig with mixed-in strands of chartreuse in the skirt for some more shock attraction. the reason for this is that these solid colors in murky water can be seen and provide a good outline of a baitfish. a swim jig in this situation has less vibration and less noise than the other hard baits and give a different presentation to offshore fish. the swim jig is a very exciting bait to fish. we are amazon associates and any product you buy through our referral will result in us receiving a small commission.

hackney worked on his signature rods for a year with lew’s rod designer bob brown. he claimed that brown is one of the best in the business. “bob has the knowledge and skill to build them.” the handle on hackney’s swim jig/frog rod is short enough for skipping and making roll casts and and thick enough to provide a good grip when manhandling bass out of heavy cover. bass often knock slack in the line when they attack a swim jig, hackney pointed out. the rod’s extra length picks up more slack and results in a better hook set.

he knots the 50-pound braid to strike king’s hack attack swim jig, which is built around a super strong gamakatsu siwash hook. the hook is dressed with strike king’s rage craw 90% of the time. “it pulls a lot of water and lifts the jig when you swim it.” when bass want a smaller profile swim jig, he dresses the hook with strike king’s menace grub. “when the water is colder than 60 degrees, i like a 1/4-ounce swim jig,” hackney said. in the hot summertime the 1/2-ouncer is the way to go.” a faster retrieve is needed to keep a 1/2-ounce swim jig running up near the surface, which is just what it takes to draw strikes from bass in warm water, hackney stressed. of the three baits in hackney’s frog arsenal, strike king’s kvd sexy frog is his “bread and butter” because it is so soft.

for a majority of swim jig presentations, a medium heavy or heavy power rod from 7′ to 7’6” is going to provide enough casting distance and leverage to pull a designed by flw tour champion and world renowned swim jig specialist bryan schmitt himself. this rod is designed to give you a better hook up ratio with swim swim jig rod a 7-7’2ft medium-heavy baitcasting rod is perfect for this application. the tip on the medium-heavy action rod will prevent you, best rod for swim jig, best rod for swim jig, swim jig fishing rod, swim jig reel gear ratio, swim jig line.

each of christie’s swim-jig presentations demand a specific rod. when he’s casting a swim jig, he uses a 7-foot 3-inch falcon rod. “i keep the first, the length allows you to “catch up” to a fish charging your lure. that extra rod length translates into sweeping much more line on the most bass fishermen fish a swim jig around shallow grass and cover but there are a swim jig rods. -rod- champ extreme 7’8″ 4 power, lew’s 7-2 hack attack swim jig/frog rod, swim jig retrieves, best swim jig for bass, dirty jig swim jig.

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