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additional species of sturgeon inhabiting the midwest can be found from the upper  missouri river and yellowstone river clear through to the gulf of mexico, though the primary species in the lakes and rivers through this region don’t enter saltwater. lake sturgeon are readily found in the great lakes basin and can be caught throughout the missouri and mississippi rivers as far south as tennessee and north to manitoba and quebec. lake sturgeon move up this river from the lakes to spawn and feed. throughout the state of missouri, the law allows you to harvest shovelnose sturgeon, though the lake and pallid are not legal to possess here.

in the lower section and delta region, it is possible to get onto a gulf sturgeon as well. fishing in the midwest already requires most anglers to be armed with heavy-duty fishing equipment for blue and flathead catfish and big pike and muskies. the drag needs to be easy to adjust and strong enough to battle a giant. nightcrawlers are typically the best bait for shovelnose sturgeon, though bear in mind that lots of other fish species may want in on that action. make sure your hooks are sharp, and buy the best hooks available.

sturgeon fishing brings dinner and a show to the angler’s life. the nightcrawler is a good start for shovel nose and lake sturgeon, but you may get bites from other fish before you can land your big catch. you can also purchase nightcrawlers from garden supply stores or outdoor suppliers, but make sure to get the right hooks for them too! you may find that you’ll attract more than just sturgeon to your fishing grounds with this bait choice. you can harvest freshwater clams as you fish or purchase from local bait and tackle shops. you can catch them live in the river where you’re fishing or find them at a local bait and tackle shop. gizzard shad is a herring-type fish that is common for sturgeon and catfish. they are best used live but can be purchased from bait shops frozen and cut.

you can catch lamprey in some regions, but more often, you’re better off purchasing harvested lamprey from a local bait shop. you can cut and rig a chunk of lamprey on your hook and secure it with zip ties or a couple of surgeon knots above the hook. in other sites, you may have more luck with marinating the roe in a sturgeon spray. it is easy to find in bait shops or catch in most lakes and rivers in the northern hemisphere. rigging this bait option can be intimidating but is simple once you get the hang of it. to rig a smelt for your sturgeon trip, hook through the head, and tie a few half hitches to line up the body. it won’t matter which kind of bait you choose if your gear can’t handle the fight. sturgeons are a favorite for sport fishing because they create a memorable fight and carry significant bragging rights, so go out and catch a big one!

in this video i go over the best setup and bait you can use when fishing the lower columbia river, near astoria, the best baits are anchovies and sand shrimp. the sturgeon in this section of the river can be very best sturgeon bait the best baits to use vary by region, though the general rule of thumb is to use as fresh as possible. nightcrawlers are typically the best, best bait for sturgeon in california, sturgeon hooks, sturgeon hooks, best sturgeon rig, rigging bait for sturgeon.

types of recommended bait include crawfish, fresh water clams, salmon eggs or carcasses, shad and other small fish. if fresh bait isn’t available, adding scents to the bait will catch the attention of the sturgeon. shrimp oil, shad oil and sardine oil are just a few of the many fish oils on the market. take out a days worth the night before and put it in a zip lock bag with anise. keep it cool but let it thaw. get 2-3 boxes of fresh live sand i have been fishing for sturgeon in suisun bay. delta california. the charters in the area just have wide open bit consistently., columbia river sturgeon rig, biggest sturgeon ever caught, sturgeon fishing wisconsin, sturgeon fishing rod.

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