streamer fishing

fly fishing streamers can be one of the most fun and effective ways to catch big fish. streamer fishing can be one of the most exciting methods of fly fishing as it is very involved and usually produces violent strikes when a fish decides to take the fly. often times, when the water is murky or deep (usually after a rainstorm) streamers can be a great way to increase your fly’s visibility and ability to sink. however, with streamer fishing, your casting will have to adapt to accommodate the weight of the fly.

when casting a streamer, stand right upstream of the hole, or current, you are trying to fish. depending on the color of the water, and the amount of sun you’re seeing, the color of the fly will have a great influence as to whether or not a fish can see it. as for the rest of your gear, the general idea is to always prepare for the best. that’s just about all you need to know to start fishing streamers and catching the fish of your dreams. as long as streamers are […] your technique of delaying the strip just will not work when fishing big impounded rivers like north arkansas’s white for brutes(typically when alot of water & current are there).i have used a #7 sinking line with very short 12 lb.

over the years, i’ve learned a few simple, yet powerful techinques for streamer fishing that always seem to produce. throw your streamer to the other bank – if you’re not 6 inches off the bank, you might as well be a mile. this will cause your line to drag and pull the streamer off the bank at a curve. this makes the fly look like its scared and provokes a reaction strike in the trout that see it. your fly will now naturally drift across the stream to the side you are on. once it’s made it’s way to your side of the river, give it 4-5 more slow but arm length strips and see if a fish strikes. this technique involves being at the top of a hole, and fishing down stream into the hole and the first part of the run.

all you do with this technique is pull out as much line as you need to reach the end of the hole and then cast out your fly 3-5 yards in front of you and let the current dead drift your streamer till it reaches the end of the hole. then take your line and mend it to the right or the left and let the current drag that mend so it makes the fly drift the direction you mended it. you will catch more fish this way during the winter and early spring. it’s a simple technique that catches a lot of fish when the spawn is on. when you find spawning fish at the end of a run, do the fish a favor, and let them spawn. 1- set your self up in the middle of the hole, giving yourself access to cast upstream and dead drift, as well as strip the streamer when the fly is at the end of the cast. the fish key in on this leech and egg, and go after both.

streamer fishing is a method of fly fishing using a submerged fly called a streamer. a streamer is built to imitate a “bait-fish”, or a smaller streamers are bigger flies that you fish on an active retrieve, and these flies imitate baitfish, crayfish, leeches, and large aquatic insects like streamer technique 1 – across stream, downward mend, fish on. this is the classic technique that most know, but needs to be said, because it works, and works, .

if you know where a trout is sitting, you can swing the fly in directly in front of the fish, make several strips to pull the fly away, then there are three main methods to presenting streamers- stripping, dead drift and swinging. swinging is often overlooked, yet can be one of the most productive most anglers approach streamer fishing from a covering water perspective, unlike dry fly fishing where an angler will fish to a specific rising, .

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