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“here you go, try this,” an attendant at stella maris bait and tackle in sheepshead bay, brooklyn, said on a recent sunday afternoon, after learning that a novice angler would soon embark on a half-day fluke-fishing trip aboard the ranger vi, a party boat docked nearby. stella maris, at 2702 emmons avenue, has served the local fishing community since 1947, catering to amateur and professional fishers alike, and to the boats, like the ranger vi, that line the pier. a statue stands in a glass case at the rear of the shop, overlooking an ice chest of frozen bunker and a bucket of live clams. “your best way: in one eye and out the other,” he said, holding in his meaty hand a tiny three-inch-long bait fish. “every once in while, bounce the sinker off the floor.” everything spyder used — every piece of bait and tackle on the vessel, including the reels, poles, hooks, lines and 10-ounce lead sinkers — had come from stella maris. it has been this way for as long as john lind, an old salt on the ranger vi, can remember.

sheepshead bay has changed, he said, and so have the people who fish there. on the rooftop, from a pole wrapped in christmas lights, a tattered american flag rippled in the breeze. vincent.”) at the counter, a worker with a shark and an octopus tattooed on one arm and an anchor tattooed on the other hand-plucked from a tangled clump of sea grass a half-dozen wriggling, red-bristled sand worms: bait for bottom feeders. six brothers — mike, salvatore, anthony, tony, neal and joseph lauro — started stella maris nearly 70 years ago. salvatore’s son, thomas lauro, 66, a lawyer in staten island, manages the property. with her stella maris rig, the novice angler caught (and released) two fish.

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stella maris bait & tackle bait, tackle & ice 2702 emmons ave brooklyn, ny 11235 at the piers in. sheepshead bay (718) 646-9754. call for fishing info stella maris bait and tackle in brooklyn has served the local fishing community since 1947, catering to amateur and professional fishers stella maris bait & tackle has been serving the fishing community here in sheepshead bay, brooklyn, ny since 1947. stella maris offers a full line of, .

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