spider jig

the jewel baits pro spider jig offers the proven effectiveness of the jewel baits finesse jig now in a forward-weighted shape that moves over rocks and heavy cover with minimal hang-ups. comments: i like these jigs, the 5/16oz is my favorite size. the medium/light gauge hook works great, and hooks fish well. comments: i bought 3 packs of these and none of them have a skirt collar that can accommodate a rattle as is indicated in the pictures and description. i have bunch, and the quality is very consistent. comments: the best jig i’ve used for more than 15 years…used to pair them with a jewel eakins craw, but i guess they don’t make them anymore ’cause i sure can’t find them. i like the 3/16 for finesse in creeks and rivers and the 5/16 for reservoirs or lakes. i caught fish flipping, pitching, casting and swimming all on the first outing using them.

a great jig for spinning tackle or for anyone learning to fish a jig for the first time, as it provides the easiest hookset you will ever find in a jig. comments: these jigs are hands down the best you can get for fishing chunk rock banks. they come through cover really well and the fish stay hooked up. 5/16 is the way to go for water less than 15 feet. caught a 2.5 followed by a 2.5 then followed by a 3.5 in less than 10 minutes in 47 degree water…partner was thowing a jig also and had no bites….surmise what you will. plus the special hook has a unique bend that keeps fish pinned much better than others i’ve tried. i use the 3/16 in rivers & creeks for smallies & the 7/16 in lakes from 8-15 or so feet. my only complaint is the weed gaurd on the 3/16 version should be fiber like the other sizes.

but there’s another jig bite that also brings big ones to the boat and it can be even more critical as it comes when the bite is tougher overall. again, the bass are keyed in on crawfish when this bait works so well but they are not in a super aggressive mode and often not really wanting to contend with big baits. this is an ultra sticky, thin-wired hook with a nasty bend to it. but the lighter line is strong enough and will actually help the action of the bait as it drifts around.

this is intentionally done with the orientation of the hook and the line tie in the mold. the bait was designed this way so that the trailer would also stick up as the bait is drug along and thus imitate the defensive posture of a retreating crawfish. this makes the weed guard less noticeable when a finicky fish bites down on it and goes back to the discussion about lighter line and softer hookset. designing a jig that is less intimidating and confined to a small package, while still ensuring it packs enough of a punch to land the big ones is a bit tricky i’m sure. back off the drag a little, take a step or two down on the rod size and lighten up on the line.

tens of thousands of spider jigs sold each year. this craw fish imitation is a bass magnet! also great for pike and lake trout. most popular color is 195 spider jig kit. variety of colors. 3 rigged spider jigs + 15 extra bodies + 6 extra heads. comes in a 6 compartment reusable plastic tackle box! built to be the ultimate drag-style jig, the jewel baits pro spider jig is perfect for targeting bass located in rough, rocky areas. 2 per pack. more from jewel, eakins jig, eakins jig, keitech little spider, gitzit jig, keitech spider grubs.

* price comparisons are based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“msrp”) or original selling price. actual sales may not have occurred at this price. this is an ultra sticky, thin-wired hook with a nasty bend to it. from what i’ve read, it’s a custom-made mustad ultra point hook. it’s close to an o’ the jewel pro spider jig is the most versatile of all the jigs we make, thanks to its weight-forward head design and cross-eye hook. the pro spider will, hula grub mold, hula grub jig head, jewel jig, jig tackle.

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