speckled trout bait

fishing for speckled or spotted sea trout is popular in florida. when in season, they are a deliciously sweet fish if you want to catch some spotted trout in florida, you’ve got to know a thing or two. speckled trout usually search for oyster rock edges where tide breaks occur. however, speckled trout are also known to lie on a flat’s edge, as the lip leading to deeper water can be found there. for this reason, a suspending lure is a good option if you are targeting this type of area. channel swings with deeper holes in creeks can be a goldmine for a person looking for speckled trout. one can also target them by working dock or bridge lights in the cover of night. in addition, they are known to feed when the light conditions change, as this is when baitfish becomes more active. in light of the above, a good time to catch speckled trout is the morning.

catching speckled trout mid-day may be more challenging. the evening time is usually a good time to go fishing for speckled trout as well. still, the great thing about these fish is that they are very willing to strike an artificial lure as well. it can also be a popular and productive approach in targeting speckled trout. our staff in our fishing department is always ready to advise you on skills and products. click here to view other classes from other departments such as scuba diving, backpacking, guns kayak and paddle boarding. get in touch with us today to find out more about speckled trout fishing and how we can equip you for your next fishing trip. in no time, we’ll put you in an excellent position to catch these popular fish from one season to the next. we are happy to work with you individually to make sure you get outfitted with the equipment that is best for your next outdoor journey.

may is when everything really begins to come together to produce great trout fishing conditions. anyone can go out and blindly stumble into some fish with whatever they happen to have in the boat, but there are some baits that just prove themselves year in year out — so much so that the crew at bowie outfitters’ has problems keeping them stocked. — there are myriad topwater choices, but top dog jrs. they’re easy to walk the dog, and the clunk, clunk, clunk of the ball bearings inside call fish like a dinner  bell calls hungry boys to the table. 2) mirrolure c-eye pro catch 2000 — when the fish won’t come to the top, a suspending hard-plastic lure like the old catch 2000 can’t be beat. 3) mirrolure mirrodine — this sinking hard-plastic lure has become standard equipment for spring trout, offering much of the same fish-catching benefits of the catch 2000 in a smaller size.

4) vudu shrimp — there are a lot of shrimp imitations on the market, but few have made the impact this little lure has had in south louisiana. the prerigged plastic just comes alive when it’s dangled beneath a cork. and the little things are tough, too. they were both perfected by anglers fishing louisiana’s lake pontchartrain, which is known for being fickle, so they have all the tantilizing action needed to tempt even the most stubborn trout. 6) rockport rattler jigs — there are many jigs hanging on the shelves of your favorite tackle shop, but the rockport rattler isn’t just a leadhead on a hook. and when the bite gets tough, that sound can often be the difference in a fish looking at a bait and swallowing it. become the most informed sportsman you know, with a membership to the louisiana sportsman magazine and louisianasportsman.com.

a number of soft plastics work well for speckled trout. these are often fished on a lead jig head and bounced off of the bottom relatively quickly. gulp shrimp the 11 best speckled trout lures of all time ; #1 mirrolure mirrodine. mirrolure mirrodine ; #2 rapala skitter walk. rapala skitter walk lure ; #3 doa shrimp. doa the best speckled trout lures turn the slightest pause, twitch, jerk, or bounce into a fish-attracting dance of seduction. twitch baits dart,, redfish and speckled trout lures, redfish and speckled trout lures, speckled trout fishing rigs, speckled trout lures nc, best live bait for speckled trout.

your best bet is to use big artificial bait for speckled trout, like the zara super spook or jumbo savage 3d shrimp. if you know one of the live bait like live shrimp, pinfish or greenbacks works exceptionally well with speckled trout. still, the great thing about these fish is best jigging lures for speckled trout spinnerbaits (too much surface area for current to grab) gold spoons (again, too much surface area), how to catch speckled trout, mirror lures for speckled trout, best lures for speckled trout at night, best saltwater trout lures.

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