spear fishing gear

you’re in the water and get caught in a net that’s drifted your way. for a beginner, it’s helpful to get a gun that right for the place you’re diving, easy to use, and robust so it doesn’t break. keep in mind that if you don’t have a lot of body fat, you are going to get colder faster in the ocean. you can also get the riffe steamer if you want a one-piece, non-hooded wetsuit. the rubber belt will be more comfortable and you are less likely to lose it.

they also have an extra benefit for keeping your feet warm in the water since they are located far away from your heart. if you’re going in the bluewater, get a high-pressure one as the fish out there are powerful and you’d hate to lose your speargun or rod. for your safety, it’s important to make sure you have a diver down flag so other boaters can see where you are in the water and stay away from your area. it’s recommended to have a dive watch to keep track of the intervals of your dives. it’s important to get quality gear before you head out into the water and put them to the test. we exist to make this a reality for current and future generations.

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