sparkle minnow

i use the sparkle minnow in the fall when i commit to streamer fishing. there’s really no wrong way to fish it—it works under an indicator as a dead-drifted streamer, banged against the banks and aggressively stripped, or even on the swing. a dubbing loop works fine, but start thin to avoid crowding the gap of the hook. you can leave the dubbing pretty shaggy—just comb it out and trim the edges. 1. make two dubbing brushes: one pearl and one gold. fold the line back over to your bobbin and the dubbing and spin it so that you have a long strand of loose, shaggy dubbing on thread.

it’s easier if you hook the string on something to hold it tight to help spin it on. 8. fold the pearl brush forward to the front of the hook on the bottom of the fly. 9. wrap a few times around the head behind the hook, and whip finish a few times to finish it off. welcome to, southwest montana’s outdoor resource. not to mention every back issue of outside bozeman at your fingertips – you can search the site by topic, view articles by specific authors, or scroll through each issue article by article. need the best times to visit yellowstone park? whatever you want to know about the bozeman area’s outdoor activities, lifestyle, wildlife, amenities, and culture… it’s all right here.

a bulky and flashy single-hook streamer. the coffey sparkle minnow is a bright streamer that works well when brighter flies are warranted. available with a bead or a heavier cone. coffey’s sparkle minnow is one of the most productive little streamers in the west. the body is made out of wing-n-flash, and it features a tri-colored marabou the coffey’s sparkle minnow is a baitfish/sculpin imitation so effective that it can almost feel like cheating. there’s really no wrong way to fish it—it works coffee sparkle minnow fly pattern. thread: gsp white bead: gold tail: white marabou/pearl flash body: ep sparkle brush weight: lead .030, .

best of mfc coffey’s sparkle minnow streamer assortment – 7 flies, size #04 : sports & outdoors. one of the best selling streamers -because its’ one of the best fish catchers -is the vaunted sparkle minnow series. we carry this fly in several styles, coffey’s sparkle minnow might be the sleeper streamers. often passed up in the fly bin, this fly from mfc absolutely destroys trout on almost any body of, .

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