spanish mackerel rigs

let’s get right to it, here’s four of the best, easy to tie rigs for spanish mackerel. still, one rig bound to get their attention combines a weighted popper with a tiny clarkspoon. the small 00 clarkspoon, by itself, is too light for casting. (i hold the stem by the tip to suspend the body while i’m busy spraying) next, i take a strand of 80-pound mono, before adding a red plastic bead, a sleeve and a swivel in that order. when the stem lines-up just right with the rear of the float, i thread the mono back through it and repeat the process, only now time i add a one-ounce egg sinker— between the bead and the body. also, when i bear down on my crimpers (or use a swaging tool), i want the crimps to line up—otherwise, i risk re-opening the sleeve. i’m not a big fan of the braided stuff. now, for a quick connection between spoon rig and mono, tie a jam knot near the tip of the mono leader.

then, after taking 1½ turns, pull the leader tight—thereby joining the mono securely to both spoon and wire. then, when your lure appears on the surface, allow it to sink completely without opening the bail. if the water’s opaque or deeply off-color, spray the spoon “bright fluorescent” and slow your retrieve. if (or i should say when) a fish spits it, it flies back with a vengeance. chances are, if you’re a devotee of the long rod, you’ve already stripped streamers through the endless schools that winter off martin and st. lucie counties. maybe it’s the time to use your noggin? cast a hard foam pencil popper from your stern and let it sit. while your popper bobs along merrily, first one then another mack begins to circle. move your popper and the fish ignore it.

for spanish and small king mackerel, these are standard. let’s get right to it, here’s four of the best, easy to tie rigs for spanish throughout the summer, jigging 1- to 1.5-ounce metal jigs landed the overwhelming majority of my spanish mackerel. though this method was the most productive lures for anglers spanish mackerel fishing have two characteristics; a fast erratic action as well as some flash. silver spoons, gotcha, .

three of the most common lures used for spanish mackerel are gotcha plugs, spoons and bubble rigs (mcdonald’s straw rig). but, any fast moving that’s a pretty slick rig, right? and the ability to quickly go from targeting spanish mackerel and using wire leader, to targeting snook and, .

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