small crankbaits

it’s an easy lure to present and a very effective one for quickly searching the water for active fish. more importantly, a crankbait is a blast to fish with. by scaling down to one of these miniaturized versions, you open up vast opportunities to attract the attention of all species of fish in the lake. admittedly, many of the fish attracted by these micro crankbaits are panfish, but that’s not to say that larger fish won’t grab these little morsels as well. bass pro xps micro light mini crankbait1¼ inch, 1/11 ounce, dives to 3 feet this style of fishing is a game of numbers and variety. the shallow-runners are great for shoreline fishing because you can retrieve them in skinny water without constantly hitting the bottom. sinking versions have a slow fall rate, which allows the bait to slowly glide to the bottom, which is very effective when the fish are a bit lethargic.

it’s particularly important to do this in water inhabited by toothy pickerel or pike because they love to inhale these little baits and will make short work of lighter lines. this is especially true if a large fish has taken the bait because it will tend to engulf it with barely a detectable tick. fish that are hidden in the weeds will quickly show themselves. keep an eye out for fish dimpling the surface to help locate prime spots. if you have a fishfinder and can detect groups of fish suspended in the open water, back off a bit and toss your bait adjacent to the pack. these load up with panfish, and a run-and-gun approach to covering water will help you find big schools of hungry fish quickly. smallmouth bass in particular seem to love this presentation, but just about any river-dwelling predator is likely to attack a micro crankbait fished this way. they are an exciting way to catch big numbers of fish in a short amount of time.

for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. the soft whiz of monofilament shooting from the spinning reel’s spool ceased as my rebel teeny wee crawfish splashed into dark water near a downed willow tree. in an instant, the rusty red glow from the crankbait underwater blinked out, the line went taught and i swept the rod back and to my right. but more and more anglers are warming up to the power of tiny crankbaits over heavyweight panfish. most clock in less than an inch-and-a-half long and weigh in anywhere from 1/10th of an ounce to 3/32nd of an ounce. with the right techniques, you’re in for some oversized action! if i’m fishing clearer water with spookier fish, i might opt for a fluorocarbon leader or a full spool of fluorocarbon. for big bluegills and sunfish, i target places that look like they’d hold a good largemouth.

i find smaller fish hang on the periphery of cover while the brutes sulk deep and tight to it. think 15 yards and under. due to their smaller size, this class of crankbaits must be tuned just right, or they’ll run to the left or right, making for an unnatural swim. obviously, conditions matter, but as a rule, i start out with the slowest possible retrieve my bait will tolerate. more often than not, my big bluegills fall to a slow and steady cadence. it’s for that reason i carry a pair of hemostats with me to quickly and safely remove a jumble of treble hooks from those tiny jaws. at the end of my hookset, the fish darted from the willow branches and defiantly pulled sideways like a pulsating planer board. that bluegill was a heaping handful both in and out of the water.

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