skagit casting

longer casts: with a little practice, you should be able to cast further and cover more water that may not have been accessible to you with a single-handed rod. there are specific instances scandi lines may be applicable, however, our rivers tend to run deep and can be quite fast so skagit is often the line of choice. straight and level- in order to be accurate with a spey cast, the fly rod should travel along a straight plane toward the intended target. trying to force a cast will get you nowhere and often end in frustration.

unlike other fly fishing line setups that you just attach the fly line to the backing on your reel, a skagit setup typically requires a few different pieces of equipment including a running line, a shooting head, a sink tip or leader, and tippet. for the most part with skagit setups, you will use a sink tip like an airflo flo tip. the airflo flo tip set is a great beginner’s set that will give you the essential sinking leaders. this head is great for year-round steelheaders that want to throw lighter tips and small flies in the summer and fish in the winter. skagit casting is a fun and effective way to fish and should be a tool in every fisherman’s quiver.

skagit casting is a relatively new way to spey cast. traditional spey lines just did not have the right tapers and mass to cast such heavy setups. in this video, dave talks about 6 valuable tips for the beginner and intermediate skagit anglers. warm-up – when stepping into a run for the first time with a spey or switch rod, it is helpful to roll cast downstream to get a feel for the line and what range of power and what form is necessary to turn the fly over. check your leader and fly – ever swing for a while and either catch nothing or get a lot of grabs and no fish? have you ever had a knot in your leader and ignored it? it is important to occasionally check your fly to make sure that it is swimming correctly and check your leaders for abrasions and knots to avoid heartbreak later in the day. steer your shooting head and fly – knowing what your fly is doing at all times is a critical step in spey fishing success.

(often only minor adjustments can lead to big changes in how your fly is swimming). one of the biggest mistakes we see new skagit anglers make is wading too deeply, or haphazardly stepping into a run without a plan. stay safe out there and only wade to your appropriate comfort level! learning to spey cast – learning to spey and skagit cast is a fun and sometimes frustrating process. our advice here is to experiment with a variety of teachers, online videos and dvds. take your time and let the rod do most of the hard work. we are kenai river fishing guides operating trips for salmon, rainbow trout and dolly varden. we offer fly fishing, spin fishing and bait fishing guided fishing charters. all ages and abilities welcome!

spey casting is a casting technique used in fly fishing. spey casting can be accomplished with either a normal length fly rod, or a rod referred to as a double-handed fly rod, often called a spey rod. spey rods can also be used for standard overhead casting. slow down- as with all fly casting, it can be easy to rush a cast. if you accelerate too quickly you can “blow your anchor” and your casting skagit casting is a relatively new way to spey cast. it was developed in the pacific northwest where anglers needed to cast heavy flies on “skagit casting” the fly line is swept back downstream towards the angler. the dry fly may become waterlogged as the angler drags the line across the water, what is the anchor in spey casting, scandi casting, scandi casting, spey casting for trout, advanced spey casting video.

skagit lines are made either with running line attached or as shooting heads to be attached to shooting line and in any case they are effectively shooting heads even with today’s advances in spey line design, effectively casting with 70 with skagit lines, the belly section floats, but you can fish a variety of ‘ rushing throughout the cast is one of the most common casting faults we see from our anglers. so, if things don’t feel right, take a breath,, advanced spey casting, two handed casting, opst, flylords.

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