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here are some sea bass basics the pros use to put fish in the cooler each trip, along with some helpful and unique facts about the species. our species of sea bass is technically a type of grouper (serranidae family), which inhabits coastal waters from maine to florida and the eastern gulf of mexico. although sea bass are basically “black,” their color fluctuates according to the bottom they inhabit and sometimes appear a dark olive-brown.

catching sea bass isn’t complicated but requires some technique to consistently take home a limit. colman’s uses a 60-pound main line and 50-pound droppers to handle big sea bass on rough bottoms. this type of all-purpose outfit comfortably handles 3 to 6 ounces of lead, and it’s a nice match for bluefish if they show up on the reef. kerry douton, owner of j&b tackle and the charter boat dot-e-dee in niantic, ct, “sea bass are hard to handle and fillet.

black sea bass often will be raring at the bait and once you find a patch of hard bottom covered in a gathering of them it won’t be hard to find dinner. the black sea bass belongs to the centropristis striata family, which can be found in saltwater from the gulf of mexico in florida through the mid-atlantic, depending on the time of year. a temporal fish, black sea bass will migrate offshore and/or south during the fall, returning to their mid-atlantic near-shore haunts in the spring. the females can live up to eight years and the males can live up to 12. record black sea bass have been caught in the mid-atlantic and the virginia state record is also the igfa world record fish. their websites provide information on the recreational and commercial regulation of black sea bass based on minimum size limits, minimum mesh requirements for trawls, a moratorium on entry into the fishery, and closed seasons.

while black sea bass are found in the ocean, coastal bays, and in bays like the chesapeake, most of those found in the bays are small. remember that black sea bass are bottom feeders; they are most often found close to the bottom of the sea floor around reefs, wrecks, jetties, and just hard structures in general. this factor is different depending on the area; delaware, maryland and virginia all have artificial ocean reef sites, and the links to the state websites for regulations above will also help you find where the state-constructed artificial ocean reefs are. when you donate to the oc reef foundation you get a chart book including gps coordinates for hundreds of artificial reef hotspots the foundation has created, up and down the coast. now that the where-to is out of the way, here’s how to actually fish for black sea bass. here are the types of gear that anglers most often suggest: editor’s note: it’s a smart idea to consider visiting our charter fishing guide to find a good charter or party boat, and fish with the pros once or twice, to learn the ropes before trying it on your own.

the best bait for black sea bass is disputable because they eat many kinds of crustaceans, mollusks, and baitfish. squid is the most popular and the answer? definitely opt for live or cut bait. since sea bass are bottom feeders, it’s best to choose natural bait like squid, mussels, clams, and crabs their varied diet consists of crustaceans, sea worms, small fish, squid and even bivalves, so a variety of baits, including clams, squid and baitfish produce, sea bass rigs setup, sea bass rigs setup, how to catch sea bass from shore, sea bass fishing tips and techniques, how to catch sea bass with lures.

best bait for black sea bass. the black sea bass will eat almost anything, but these are their favorites and are often the best baits: squid; mussels; clams bass is a great catch because it can be caught with almost anything! whole small fresh fish (sprats) or fish strips are great, with mackerel, herring and squid sea bass can be effectively caught using a wide variety of live or cut bait: mullet, sardines, mackerel, eels, croakers, small crabs with their shells, sea bass fishing tips for beginners, sea bass rigs for sale, how to catch big sea bass, sea bass fishing nj.

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