saltwater fly fishing

you’re on the water at first light, hunting for tarpon blasting through schools of baitfish, or moving in small pods, rolling their silver backs through the water’s surface. silently, the skiff glides within range and you drop your streamer on the edge of the feeding frenzy. you react by pulling hard on the line to set the hook, swinging your rod down and to the side, and three feet of twisting silver rockets out of the slick water and into the air. saltwater fly fishing is about the hunt, and it happens in some of the most beautiful and tropical locations on the planet. while other locations may score a heavier fish occasionally, or greater quantities of small bonefish, veteran flats anglers make this their first… read more… there is something for everyone in belize, and a collection of some of the most well-organized, professional lodges, guides, and fishing operations in the caribbean.

some offer high-end services ranging… read more… imagine flats so shallow that these intrepid operators had to get an airboat to cover them quickly and adequately. read more… cuba’s legendary flats are now open for business and the fly shop has teamed up with two reliable and modestly priced outfitters with exclusive access to two distinctly different and diverse fisheries! fanning island, known locally as tabuaeran island (which means heavenly footprint in the local dialect), is smaller, quieter; a more remote neighbor to… read more… florida’s lower keys stretch for 36 miles between marathon and key and offer outstanding flats fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook. florida is also home to everglades national park – florida’s “river of grass”, spanning the southern tip… read more… this area is said to hold one of highest concentrations of sailfish anywhere, and it is easily accessible. these destinations are a long way from anything, which has helped protect and preserve the resources and fisheries so that… read more… louisiana is located in the deep south and is known as “sportsman’s paradise”. read more… the mexican yucatan covers 44,000 square miles with over 500 miles of coastline – along this vast shoreline are thousands of square miles of shallow bays and flats.

largely protected, the seychelles outer islands are home to some of the most exquisite and aggressive predatory fish species of the oceans. where cosmoledo holds larger numbers of gt’s, astove is known to hold larger specimens. known as a giant, titan or moustache triggerfish, it is the largest of the three species that can be caught in similar numbers at alphonse, astove and cosmoledo. these shimmering carnivores can reach a meter in length and weigh up to 35lbs.

dogtooth tuna is a resident-pelagic fish that are found along the drop-offs in good numbers at alphonse, astove and cosmoledo. as the fastest fish in the ocean, these agile predators can reach speeds of up to 110km/h weigh up to 60lbs. although alphonse holds the largest population of bonefish in the seychelles islands with specimens reaching up to 6lbs, astove and cosmoledo hold the larger fish reaching up to 9lbs. these beautiful fish are among the larger of the tuna species and can reach a weight of up to 400lbs. the best way to target these blue and yellow beauties are on a spring push tide when the water is clear.

many anglers do not realize you can use a fly rod and flies fly-fishing in saltwater is a whole different ball game when compared to fly-fishing for rainbow trout in a freshwater stream. first off, many of the forget what you’ve heard – saltwater fly-fishing is actually affordable and easy to learn., fly fishing saltwater flats, fly fishing saltwater flats.

you can find them in tropical waters herding bait near the surface, so start by using a teaser to lure them closer to your boat until you drop in the fly. once saltwater fly fishing is all about the hunt! you’re on the water at first light, hunting for tarpon blasting through schools of baitfish, or moving in small chapter eleven: fly fishing saltwater inshore flats. from striped bass in new england to bonefish in the tropics, inshore sight-fishing for saltwater fish is an, .

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