salted minnows

you may ask yourself; what is the big deal about salted minnows? first of all, in some canadian provinces and many american states, it is illegal to use live bait on some lakes or you can’t use minnows unless they were caught in the lake you are fishing. the second reason is they work fantastic. when a fish swims the muscles produce excess static electricity and there is a special chemical in the skin along the lateral line that discharges this static electricity is the form of ions. step 1) go to the local creek and catch some minnows or buy minnows at your local bait store. minnows that are too big take a long time to cure and may rot so finger size or smaller is best. pour about 1/2 inch of salt in the bottom.

step 3) place a layer of minnows on the salt. step 4) the reason you want a container that is at least semi-transparent is to see if you have minnows touching the sides with no salt touching parts of the minnow. you need to grab a fork and nudge the minnows away from the side and let the salt fall in. if you are generous with the salt and have an air tight lid, they should not smell at all and the wife will not give you a hard time. fishing with salted minnows: with smaller minnows, it’s best to put them on a jig and very gently jig so you do not rip the minnow off the jig. when a fish hits, release your bail and let the fish take the minnow for 30 second to give the fish time to get all the minnow in its mouth. so if the fish releases the minnow do not real in.

for years i’ve always used minnows straight out of the tub after buying them from the store. over time i realized that i needed to make my minnows last longer and stay on the hooks better. so i came up with a system that would give my unsalted minnows extra value. assuming that your minnows are frozen, leave your minnows in the refrigerator to defrost. by the time they are defrosted you should be able to separate the minnows without too much effort. trying to separate frozen minnows can result in minnows being ripped. then place it on the paper towels in the pan. try to ensure that minnows are all side by side and not overlapping.

while this process may seem slow, it minimizes the amount of salt wasted. once the entire pan is covered in minnows, take a few paper towels and place it on top of the first layer of minnows. after all the minnows are laid out, place a final layer of paper towels on top. this ensures that each layer of minnows is in contact with paper towels on each side. i personally leave the minnows in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. take the minnows from the pan and pack them back in their tubs. place your minnows in the freezer for the next fishing trip. if you have any suggestions on preserving minnows, let us know in the comments.

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the salted minnows become somewhat flattened when they are brined. they became really thin when i left them in the salt/borax too long, as the take a minnow from the tub and rub it into the pickling salt so that both sides of the minnow are covered in some salt. then place it on the intothedeep has it salt them heavy in a bag or tupperware lots of pickling salt. put them on a paper towel in the fridge to dry up then i place, salting smelt for bait, frozen minnows for sale, how to preserve dead minnows, how to freeze minnows for fishing.

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