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lately, we have been focusing our midwest finesse gear guides on a variety of  soft-plastic centipedes and hellgrammites that modern-day midwest finesse anglers can affix to their small mushroom-style jigs with an exposed hook. in addition to the high quality of its texture, anglers exclaim that the colors of the helgripede are stellar, and they note that no soft-plastic-bait manufacturer can match shue’s genius. the circumference in the middle of its torso is fifteen-sixteenths of an inch, and it is five-sixteenths of an inch wide. it has a circumference of about seven-eighths of an inch, and its width is about an eighth of an inch.

he says that the most fruitful time of the year to use it occurs in the summer when the water temperature is at its highest point and oxygen levels are at their lowest. i have noticed when the helgripede sinks too quickly, many of the smallmouth bass — especially the hefty ones — are reluctant to engulf it.” and they will use it with all six of the standard midwest finesse retrieves. robert shue has one that has caught the eyes of several midwest finesse anglers, and he recently reported on the finesse news network that river rock custom baits is selling an unpainted  1/32-ounce tactical finesse jig with a no. here is a link to it at his website: https://river-rock-custom-baits.myshopify.com/products/1-32-oz-tactical-finesse-jig.

we recently did some testing 11/25/2011 of some new plastic baits, river rock baits. we were testing around the docks and in the flats on the upper part of lake anna with a very stained lake and a water temperature of 51 degrees. we started with the 3″ hula grub cinnamon w/black and were getting a bite but very light so we altered it with a chartreuse marker on the tips of the skirt and tail. this is a great color grub with good action on the twin tail and a large front skirt. over the years i have found lake anna to be a great testing ground because it can be a very tough lake to fish. we were fishing for largemouth so we had to stay focused on the project at hand. testing the river rock baits for largemouth bass. e-z tube weight inside the tube and a number 6 hook. this is a great looking grub with a long skirt for a tube bait and great action in the water.

their color selection and the quality of the product, such as glitter size and plastic compounds are outstanding. if your going to fish lake anna i would suggest picking up a couple packs of these and see the results for yourself. i plan on doing further testing of their baits on the james for smallmouth. river rock baits is a virginia based company and is growing in its distribution. river rock baits, llc is located in staunton, va and is owned and operated by brian kopia and bob shue. they, being anglers themselves, decided that baits needed to be more closely matched in colors to the natural baits and provide a full line of stick baits, tubes, grubs, worms, jerk baits and creature type baits. we have some more testing to do on the james river but i think these guys have got a great line of plastics. special thanks go out to bob shue for allowing us the opportunity to test river rock baits and providing us with a small selection of samples to conduct our test. as always, james river smallmouth keeps you informed as to the baits, tackle, tactics and riggings.

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