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when anglers talk about fishing reel gear ratio in relation to a reel’s speed or even its power, they often forget to include the reel’s spool size in the equation. the driven gear turns in the “opposite” direction of the “driver” gear. first, a functional characteristic of gears that is important for bass fishermen to understand, in relation to fishing reel gear ratio and how it relates to their reel’s performance, is that you can not increase speed or power without reducing the other. both the main drive and pinion gears are spur gears, the most simple of gear types.

note that the first number of a fishing reel gear ratio relates to the smaller “pinion gear” or driven gear. some companies have tried to clarify the confusion of fishing reel gear ratio and reel speed/power. you will find both the fishing reel gear ratio and the line recovery number noted for each reel on a page. those of us that flip and pitch find the 6.0 range of gear ratio fits the bill nicely, though many now use a reel in the 7.0 range. generally, reels with gear ratios in the 7.0 range will recover 28″-31″ of line for each complete crank of the handle.

with new cutting-edge, high gear ratio reels like abu garcia’s ultra-fast revo rocket hitting the market, it’s a good time to review how to choose the best ratio for your style of fishing. but to get the most out of baitcaster options, it’s a good idea to step back and review what gear ratios do for you when you fish. so a 6.4:1 ratio means that for every one revolution of the reel handle, the spool turns 6.4 times. one thing new technology has allowed is for lower profile reels to be extremely fast, because before that technology the easiest way to make a reel with a faster retrieve was to make the spool big (and hence the reel larger). not surprisingly, all of these reels have their place, but all reels work best if you match them correctly to the kind of bait you are fishing.

the gear ratio allows you to turn the reel at a comfortable rate, and coupled with these baits, keeps your offering in the strike zone the entire retrieve. many reels in this range are also quite capable of presenting not only baits listed in the “medium” category, but also in the slow and fast category – perhaps with slightly less efficiency or more work, but they can get the job done. in the case of baits that are jerked or otherwise fished in short movements with a twitch of the rod, the fast reel allows instant slack uptake, not only allowing for better contact with the bait, but a better chance to get a firm hookset. finally, for flipping, pitching and other heavy-cover applications, extremely fast reels are very helpful in horsing bass out of the brush. you might not need every reel ever made, but you will catch more fish with less effort if you make an effort to match reel ratio to the kind of fishing you love to do.

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the gear ratio of a reel is measured by how many times the spool turns for each single turn of the handle. for instance, if a reel has a gear ratio of 6.4:1 gear ratios in reels are simply an expression of how many times the reel spool turns each time you turn the reel handle. so a 6.4:1 ratio means your reel has a gear ratio of 6.2:1 and his reel has a gear ratio of 4.4:1. you’re both working the same exact lure with the same exact rod, .

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