redfish bait

for example, it would not be practical to use a 20 lb leader on a rod spooled with 10 lb line to fish from an inlet for bull redfish in heavy current with lots of structure around because that would lead to break-offs. there are an enormous amount of options for rods these days… and it can certainly be mind-blowing for many anglers and certainly cannot be answered in a short post… if you feel that you’re answers are towards the first two options (heavy current and live bait), then getting a strong rod/reel with heavier line is probably the best bet. but after years of targeting redfish with both live bait and artificial lures, i’ve found that redfish are one of the easiest of all the inshore game fish to fool with lures. but this is so far from the truth when it comes to successfully targeting redfish because they are so prevalent in our inshore waterways and often feed up on shallow flats that are very accessible to wade fishing (or a short kayak trip).

the smaller ones are caught much more easily on smaller topwaters given that they can more easily get it in their mouths. juveniles will typically be there all season long, but the bigger ones would typically just go up to follow food and will not stay there for an extended period. the bite is best as the sun is coming up, so i would recommend getting out early and going to some shallow water redfish zones. not only do they help prevent injury to fish that are to be released, but they seem to increase the catch to strike ratio too since they hold so well and help prevent a fish from chewing through the leader given that the hook shank typically is what rubs on their jaw during the fight.

10 best redfish baits & lures right now ; 1) shrimp. live rigged shrimp ; 2) crab. live crab bait ; 3) weedless spoon. gold spoon lure ; 4) skimmer the baitfish that redfish love to hunt are pogies, mullet, pilchards and greenies. they also feast on crab and other shellfish, but the baitfish during the spring, the best baitfish to use are mullet, pilchards, greenies or pogies. although redfish also eat shellfish and crabs, they’ll eat the prey, .

we love chasing redfish in shallow water and our redfish lures have proven deadly over the years. i often hear, “heath, i tried everything else in my tackle box, .

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