ragworm bait

ragworm is a generic term for one of the most effective and popular sea fishing baits. the smallest ragworm that are likely to be useful as bait are likely to be around 9 – 12cm (3 – 4 inches) in length and can be hooked in bunches of several worms, whereas larger worms can be used individually (see bait presentation section below). they are usually sold in packets for around £2.50 to £4, with the individual number of worms included varying depending on the size of the individual worms. generally, the smaller common ragworm will be found in greater numbers, meaning it is possible to dig a large number of these worms from a relatively small area.

king ragworm spawn in spring when they change to a greenish colour and leave the safety of their burrows and swim openly in the sea. some books such as a complete guide to fishing (1979) states: “during this [breeding] season … the worm is of very little use as bait.” other anglers claim that the ragworm is still a good bait when it is spawning, with some even prefering to use ragworm when they are in this state. anglers often use a medium-sized ragworm as a the main part of a cockltail bait and then tip it off with a strip of mackerel or squid. as unusual (and unpalatable) as it may seem to uk-based anglers, ragworms are used as a source of food in some parts of the world where insect cuisine is commonly eaten.

ragworm are among the most common marine organisms and belong to the phylum annelida family of invertebrates. if you look carefully at the head of a king rag there are two pairs of eyes and four pairs of antennae. king rag are generally dug individually and it is rare to find concentrated colonies of the biggest specimens. these are not fantastic ragworm holding areas generally, and you will certainly get stuck wearing only wellingtons, while there is a real danger of getting bogged down to the waist even in chest waders. dig a small trench at the side of the hole/burrow and then try to follow the hole as it winds downward.

bait is often easier to dig right on the edge of the ebbing tide when the ground is still wet and the worms are nearer the surface. as soon as i get home after bait digging whole worms go into a bucket of clean sea water and are aerated via an air pump for a few hours, this gives the worms time to expel any mud that is still in their system. it’s important to ensure that the fresh seawater is at the same temperature as the storage area as worms will normally violently react to being placed in water at a high temperature which increases the risk of causalities. worms are then placed in a bucket or cool box for transporting to and from the fishing venue. thread one or more worms up the shank of the hook, and top off with a smaller worm just hooked through the head so that it wriggles about enticingly. a small mackerel or squid tippet will stop the bait sliding down and clogging the point of the hook.

hediste diversicolor, commonly known as a ragworm, is a polychaete worm in the family nereidae. it lives in a burrow in the sand or mud of beaches and estuaries in intertidal zones in the north atlantic. ragworm are a tough and durable bait and a worm that has been pierced with a hook and cast out to sea is usually still wriggling when reeled back in, meaning although ragworm takes many species by itself, it is often more effective as cocktail bait. tip off with a little piece of mackerel or squid, whites are a classic tipping bait. in winter in the north east, a big rag and lug combination bait tipped with a generous section of snake, ragworm bait ffxiv, ragworm bait ffxiv, ragworm bite, ragworm teeth, ragworm mouth.

you could use a tiny, tiny bit of squid on the end to stop the worm falling off, although i find this is more an issue with lug. as has an excellent guide to what hook to use is to match the size and pattern to the bait being used. long-shank hooks in size 1/0, 1 and 2 are best jordan’s king ragworm and other baits, ipswich. 1351 likes 66 talking about this. king rag worm freshly dug daily £10 per 1lb, collection ipswich ip3, are ragworms dangerous, ragworm habitat, ragworm size, ragworm pincers, ragworm vs lugworm, do ragworm bites hurt, king ragworm, ragworm scientific name, ragworm for sale, giant ragworm.

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