punch bait

during the 19th century, giant blue catfish weighing from 125 to 200 pounds were reportedly caught on a regular basis. punch bait is a cheese based bait similar to common dip baits, but what makes cj’s punch bait stand out from the rest is our ingredients. we use cattails which is a cotton like fiber that when mixed into the bait forms a adhesive and allows you to fish with a simple 3 way treble hook, and no need for a sponge. it also allows you to fish in faster currents of water like rivers and streams.

the best part about our punch bait, that most wife’s will agree and the reason it gets its name, is that you don’t have to touch it with your hands. all you need is a stick, place your treble hook on top and punch it in. we suggest pulling the hook out at a angle to get more bait on the hook.. our punch bait comes in 5 different flavors. here at cj’s we’ve taken a long time developing these flavors to ensure no matter the climate, season, or geography of your state lakes,ponds and rivers.

so i went back and watched the video on cj’s website about how to use punchbaits. if you fish it the right way, it’s a wonderful bait.” punchbait is made to work best if you use a stick to push a treble hook down into the tub of bait so you end up with a nice little wad of bait that won’t sling off when you cast it, and it won’t wash off in current. “we have our clients hold the rods upside down, with their hand just ahead of the reel,” thom says. it’s nothing to put 150 to 200 catfish in the boat on a good day.”

we can use less of the flavorless fiber, more of the sticky ingredient, and end up with a bait that stays on the hook with more flavor to release.” the flavor of fusion is a bit different from our other baits, but the secret ingredients that make all our baits effective definitely are in there.” we add fish oil and other ingredients, but cheese and beef fat are the main ones, along with cattail fluff to give it the fibers you need to keep it on the hook. “we did a lot of research in the lab and in the field to discover things that attract catfish and things that trigger them to feed. berkley’s southworth is confident manufactured baits have the potential to catch impressive catfish if fished in the right place in the right way. this means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets.

cat fishing experts, teaching fishing & family traditions since 1985 #1 punch bait in the country. punch bait is a cheese based bait similar to common dip baits, but what makes cj’s punch bait stand out from the rest is our ingredients. any punchbait is based on cheese, and we add beef fat and some other stuff that makes ours work well. we let our cheese sit outside in barrels, stink bait for catfish, stink bait for catfish, catfish dip bait.

have you been looking for the best catfish bait ever? well you’ve found it! danny king’s catfish punch bait is back in business and better than ever. stick-it punch bait is super easy to bait you simply grab a stick and push your hook in the bait. when you pull your bait out at an angle you’re done, baited bee’-jay’s catfish dough bait berkley gulp! junnie’s wicked sticky catfish dip bait from cat tracker bait company magic bait stick-it punch, .

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