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in this map, we show the whole stretch of river and highlight some common parking areas without getting overly detailed. the middle provo rises in the heber valley and flows into the strawberry reservoir just off highway 40. the middle provo river is a tailwater fishery located below jordanelle reservoir. this section of river parallels highway 189 in provo canyon, where there is beautiful surroundings, but it is heavily trafficked in the summer where anglers wil encounter tubers, and rafts floating down the river. these sections also has rainbow trout, and cutthroat, and the fish in this section tend to be quite large and in high numbers.

the provo river is a very diverse fishery that changes based on the conditions and part of the river. high near 85, with temperatures falling to around 83 in the afternoon. saturday a chance of rain showers before noon, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms. partly sunny, with a high near 70. chance of precipitation is 40%. he is an experienced hiker, backpacker, fly fisherman, trail runner, and spends his free time in the outdoors.

check which sections of the middle and lower provo rivers are artificial flies and lures only and which sections are legal to fish live bait. and this section of the stream is “artificial flies and lures only”. the only reason we all are able to consistently catch large trout in that section of the lower provo is because of the size limit. those stream improvements and the current regulations have created the great fishery we enjoy today in the middle provo river.

jim and i constantly talk to other anglers on both the middle and lower provo and realize that many folks don’t know the fishing regulations. to report fishing or wildlife violations call 800-662-deer (800-662-3337), but if you can’t remember the number, it is on you hunting and fishing license. we are map the xperience, a professional gis cartography company currently working on a digital gps accurate map of the provo river which will be in both paper format and mobile format for smartphones. my buddy told me we weren’t allowed to keep brown trout 15 inches or under but we were allowed to catch rainbows over 15. i feel bad for keeping big rainbows but at least i know now rainbows are stocked into deer creek and find there way into the middle provo. we all have to help report these violations if we want to maintain this fishery.

emerging from deer creek reservoir, this freestone tail water is home to some of the biggest rainbow trout in the state. these fertile waters are breeding the provo river offers a premier blue ribbon trout fishery close to utah’s major cities. brown and rainbow trout reach record lengths in the provo, with a utah’s provo river is a phenomenal blue ribbon self-sustaining brown trout fishery with all brown trout naturally reproducing in the river without stocking., .

only minutes from park city is the blue ribbon provo river which boasts sections with over 3,000 fish per mile. brown trout and rainbow trout are the primary in this article, we cover everything you need to know to fish the provo river in utah successfully. map, sections & more included. no artificial restrictions – bait fishing allowed; keep 4 trout any size. lower provo river fishing regulations. from olmstead diversion dam upstream to deer, .

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