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prop baits for bass fishing should be close to the top of your agenda. hence the name, considered a topwater lure, prop baits are known for creating surface explosions to attract predator fish like bass. while the prop bait itself will have a huge influence on your bass fishing activities, you will still need the right setup to gain the best experience. a high-speed baitcasting reel is the only choice, and it should boast a gear ratio of 6.3:1 or higher.

the line used for bass fishing with prop baits may be partly determined by your experience levels as an angler, particularly in relation to topwater fishing. a rip action will usually be the best method for actually hooking the bass ahead of the fight. it is the ideal solution for breaking up tough waters to create surface disruptions that subsequently yield a large strike zone. when crankbaits and alternative solutions aren’t up to the task, prop baits deliver a fantastic solution that will ensure your day on the lake is far more productive. the berkley range of prop baits features propellers at the front and rear, creating a lot of water disturbance to create a huge strike zone.

in all of the excitement over new baits and presentations, be careful not to overlook one of the most effective topwater lures for summer bass fishing—the prop bait. while many anglers flock to deeper water in the heat of the summer, carter’s prop bait bite is at its best. after a few of my fruitless attempts, carter would sling his prop bait into the same area and whack a 4-pounder. in order to increase his number of bites and hookup ratio, there are 3 characteristics he heavily stresses when it comes to choosing a quality prop bait. “first and foremost, i designed my prop baits to sit straight in the water while at rest,” carter said. a prop bait is designed to irritate a bass as much as possible.” the final ingredient to an effective prop bait is balsa wood, according to carter.

“if necessary, you need to be able to work it in quick, short spurts and a diving prop bait takes that option away from you. “it’s all about the shade when you’re talking about prop baits,” carter said. you can almost call your shots, because 9 times out of 10, they’ll be sitting on the edge of a dark spot.” although he’s had some success using prop baits in stained water, carter does most of his damage in clear water areas. bass will sit on break lines and use them as ambush points when they hear your prop bait making commotion.” carter likens his prop bait presentation to that of a topwater popper. “i like to twitch the prop bait about 3 times and simply kill it for a few seconds,” carter said. “fluorocarbon kills the action and causes the lure to nosedive, while braid gets tangled in the blades and hooks.” carter prefers a 7-foot, medium-heavy big bear microguide casting rod for improved casting accuracy.

13 fishing motor boat hybrid prop bait. $3.98 to $8.99 bagley balsa bangolure topwater twin spin propbait greenfish tackle beer belly prop bait. features: the berkley choppo is a plopper-style topwater lure designed for bass and other surface feeding sportfish. easy to use topwater lure, wi. prop baits are an increasingly popular choice of lure for bass fishing. they are hard bodied lures that share similar features with various crankbaits for, spy bait, spy bait, walking baits, tackle warehouse, fishing lure propeller blades.

a prop bait is categorized as a topwater lure, and is a torpedo-shaped hard bait with one or more propellers on it. as the bait is retrieved the propellers spin “prop baits are outstanding during the summer for 2 primary reasons,” carter said. “summer bass require a little more ‘teasing’ at times and a prop bait triggers surface explosions in a variety of situations. certain prop baits can spit and cut through grass well for a ripping weeds presentation. you, buzz bait, wake bait, walking baits for bass, fishing lures.

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