pop r lure

comments: great popper and in my experiences better than the yellow magic. i fish the 1/4 ounce pop r on 8-pound test line and spinning tackle. i would only use the mag size tho others are a little to small. caught my pb of 9 1/2 on a pop r and many many more big fish not to mention the giant blow ups. for the price this lure is a steal! don’t be fooled by the more pricey baits this one is affordable and better, trust me i got a bunch of different poppers that never produced.

ive used a lot over the last summer and man am i sold on the these top water lures. i had one from the 90’s that had well over 500 fish caught on it but a toad took me into the weeds and it snapped off these are durable and quality!! from: vince: tucson, az comments: i’ve been fishing rebel pop-rs for years and they are great lures, especially for the money. see, the same applies for your more expensive japanese baits, mr. meatwad 😉  i buy my fair share of lucky crafts and megabasses, but you have to give credit where credit is due. and so do the bass! caught countless numbers of fish on all the sizes and a few other colors comments: i just bought one of these the first day i used it i caught 10 fish. don’t break the bank get you a couple of these and go fishing.

topwater fishing is one of my favorite ways to fish for bass in the summer. fishing in the shade, or shortly before sundown, is when bass smash this lure the most. the advantage of topwater fishing is the versatility, having the ability to fish over submerged logs and weed beds that are right below the surface, where a hook and sinker, or a spinnerbait, would otherwise snag. when i cast this lure, i let it sit in the water for ten to twenty seconds before retrieval. the best time to use it is right before dark. jerk the bait, reel it in a little, pause, and jerk the bait again. the best time of day to fish with this bait is right before dark, early morning, or in the shade under trees.

in the shallow water of lakes and ponds, this lure is effective over submerged trees and weed beds. i use monofilament, mostly because i fish a lot with slip bobbers, and i find that mono works better for me with those bobbers. in particular, the line i’ve always used is trilene xl monofilament (low visibility). the pop-r was used successfully in bass tournaments for a long time. in the summer, i use this lure almost exclusively for catching smallmouth bass in the evening, one of my favorite fish to catch. the size i’ve always used is 2 1/2-inches. this content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

rebel lures, length, weight, class. small pop-r, 2″, 1/8oz, topwater. pop-r, 2.5″, 1/4oz, topwater. magnum pop-r, 3″, 1/2oz, topwater the rebel pop-r has been the standard by which all topwater poppers/chuggers have been judged for more than three decades. this lure won anglers hundreds of where to use the pop-r in lakes with bass, this lure is effective in all depths when bass are feeding at the surface in the summer months. the, rebel super pop r, rebel super pop r, p71 pop-r, rebel pop-r magnum, rico popper.

fishing lure review: rebel’s teeny pop-r a bite-sized treat for bass. josh rouse. rebel lures the rebel pop-r topwater fishing lure is the standard by which all over top water poppers are judged by for three decades. perfect for bass fishing. each pop-r features a dressed rear treble with hyper light-attracting strands of glitter filament for extra flash. this proven-deadly surface bait easily, vintage rebel pop r, rebel lures, best rebel pop-r color, topwater lures, rebel pop soda, rebel pop-r plus, rebel pop-r colors, fishing lures for bass, tackle warehouse popper, rebel fast track lure.

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