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“i’ve personally always been a fan of if its not broke, don’t fix it, but i really think plugbait! has something awesome here. while gulp! is tried and true with some complex science to their methods, i’d say that this local company plugbait! will become a true contender. when it comes to catching fish, i’ve found the fish readily take either offering, with the plugbait! holding up a touch better in the durability department. their oily fin-esscence scent is truly impressive and i feel mimics the schools of baitfish that fish feed on in the northeast. plus, these baits have a natural buoyancy which provides great action when fished on a jig or bucktail. definitely check them”. patrick martin – chemist here you go folks. we do not know the publisher! his findings over 2 days! “as good as gulp! but much more sturdy with tails not being bit off” watch the video!

/top-lists/top-12-most-iconic-swimbaits-of-all-time/13/ sd fish voted the ac plug as the #1 most iconic swimbait of all time. they got it exactly right: “the one thing that is not up for debate is that the ac plug took the big bass chase by storm in the early 1990s, and set forth the motion that inspired every other bait on this list.” he got most of his fish on the ac ripbait and some on the ac skinny. check at these pics of an 11.5 pound brown, 10.5 pound brown, 10.25 pound brown, 23 pound lake trout and 18 pound brown… all caught on ac plugs! this is the largest fish we have heard of in 4 years. check out the details in our forums. this is one of the largest mackinaw to come out of oregon in the last few years. check out the forum for more details. it was only a matter of time before he came out with a handmade ac plug that shared that tried and true basic hardbait style. the “allan’s ac ripbait” is a must have for any trophy trout angler’s arsenal! we have extended our 2 for 1 special on handmade lures.

the ac still sticks them even after 20 years of pressure! one of the largest reported browns from california so far this year was landed recently on a black and silver ac skinny. pick some up for the fall season! an 11 pound buck and 15 pound hen both made the mistake of thinking a 6″ ac skinny was lunch. the beast crushed a 9″ ac minnow and weighed in at just over 45 pounds. if you are a trophy calico bass angler shoot us an email as we are looking for guys to test the baits for us. check out our discussion forums for a high res pic… we hope you like the new site. the main things that are new are: 1) new look and feel. 6) more detailed info pages. don pearson, a new ac plug pro staffer, just sent us pics of a fat 11 pounder that inhaled the new ac plug 9″ minnow. if you love to fish the big stuff up top…start throwing that 9″ minnow!

finally a gulp! alternative. scented baits. it just makes scents. twice the grubs. our baits never gets hard! great fishing bait for fresh or saltwater. plugs are a popular type of hard-bodied fishing lure. they are widely known by a number of other names depending on the country and region. online shopping for plugs – lures from a great selection at sports & outdoors store., plug fishing, plug fishing, spinner bait, fishing plugs for bass, saltwater fishing plugs.

best sellers in fishing plugs. #1. plusinno fishing lures baits tackle including crankbaits, spinnerbaits, plastic worms, jigs, topwater lures , tackle box fishing plugs, also known as crankbait or wobblers, are a type of hard-bodied fishing lure designed to look and act like live bait. “dear plugbait! i thought you might like these photos. first time using plug bait caught a… more, crank bait, lure, plug vs crankbait, fishing plugs for sale.

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