pinfish bait

to give yourself the best shot at catching fish, your bait needs to look natural, and how you hook it can make or break your presentation. when you’re fishing your bait with the current and you want your baitfish to swim, hook them above the spine and near the tail. another time you would hook them this way is when the current is really ripping and it’s not possible for them to swim with the current. the slack line you and pete were using with the mullet for the trout explains also why a lot of times inexperienced fishermen get nice fish. a lot of times with mullet if im fishing upcurrent at a bridge or in a boat ill hook them under the pectoral fins and they will go deep and still be able to swim against the current.

you shoulda blocked out that dock and boat to the right of yall. i bet theres a bunch saying “i know where that is” lol he often uses j hooks for this type of “active” live bait fishing where he’s using big baits and actively feeling for strikes because the j hooks have a slight advantage on getting hooksets when using the bigger baits (and the fish are less likely to get hooked deep because they can’t immediately swallow the bait and he is quick to set the hook). did you perhaps buy it using a different email? golry to god…!!! walk by faith not by sight…!!! the same concept holds true for mullet and mud minnows too… it just gets a bit tougher to do as they get smaller given that there’s less room in between the spine and the top of the baitfish for the hook to go.

in this video, you’ll learn how to catch fish with live pinfish over grass flats, and how simple changes to your set-up can be the difference between a great day on the water and getting skunked. get the line tight every once in a while during the drift and give the bobber some pops to mimic the sound of a fish that is eating something from the surface. and make sure you get a bobber with a concave top so that when you pop the float, it creates the feeding noise to attract other fish. whether you are new to fishing or a pro, we all are guilty sometimes of moving too fast or not using the right tackle for the situation. pinfish want to bury down into the grass, but the bobber will keep them hovering just over the grass and in clear view of predator fish. want access to our best fishing spots and tips, plus discounts to our online tackle store? click here to join us in the insider club! instead, just reel in the line and the hook will have a better shot at sliding into place in the corner of the fish’s mouth. one of the things i often hear is you should trim the back fin off the pinfish off when using them for bait.

i have heard of people cutting the tail fin down so that the bait can’t move as fast and so it gives off more scent in the water. also, i was relying on the baitfish to swim around and cover more water in this case so trimming the tail would have done more harm than good. i use scissors to trim the dorsal fin off the pin fish because i believe it makes it easier and quicker for the fish to turn the bait and get it in his mouth. i was searching for this info today, then i got the email, imagine that! i have caught reds drifting pinfish across a flat with a cork. i figure tail hooking would be better if your drifting bait? the reason to hook pinfish through the mouth is to make sure the baitfish looks/swims natural when getting moved by the current and/or when reeling in the bait in for the next cast. i really like your instructional style. and your fishing iq, passion and respect for the fish come thru in the videos.

the #1 choice for catching live baits that we have found is the more raw fish that is used, the better the results. filling the trap up with an average of 2-5 what is the best bait for your pinfish trap? 1) squid 2) catfood can you stabbed a few times 3) shrimp (big enough to stay inside the bait tray 4) carcases pinfish make a great bait because they usually don’t exceed seven inches. that and every game fish that swims looks at them like the tasty skittle of the, .

while often not the first choice of many larger predators, most anything that will eat a bait fish will eat pinfish. fish such as redfish, snook, and tarpon will all take a pinfish. they work great in the gulf or on the reef for things such as cobia, grouper, mackerel, and snapper. when hooking live bait, you need to get it in front of feeding fish and make it look natural. if you’re fishing on the flats and letting your bait swim around, the reason to hook pinfish through the mouth is to make sure the baitfish looks/swims natural when getting moved by the current and/or when pinfish are a common baitfish you can catch on your own or find in your local bait store. they are porgies, similar to the sheephead,, .

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