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there is little arguing that northern pike are in fact the apex predator in many of ontario’s waters. they get gigantic, and feed on most anything that enters the water. no matter the size of the fish, they have an integral instinct to attack. seemingly afraid of nothing, northern pike will even smash your flies right at the edge of the boat, resulting in the utmost in addictive angler adrenaline rushes. that’s what makes northern pike so unbelievably fantastic to target—especially on fly. so, what are the flies we at the new fly fisher use to target these toothy critters? bunny leeches are a staple in our fly boxes for sure! three-inch flies to 7- and 8-inch offerings: make sure you have a variety of these pike flies on hand. the erratic strip with longer pauses are often enough to entice a hit. depending on how deep you want to fish this fly, consider having a variety of sizes of the deceiver and consider different weights.

the perch pattern is killer for northern pike, as perch make up such an integral part of the fish’s diet. there is no doubt that pike and the colour chartreuse have a hate-on for each other! bob clouser’s development of the clouser minnow is a staple pattern for every fly box or any angler fishing in fresh water or salt. that pattern combined with the color chartreuse is deadly on northern pike. a bonus of the clouser minnow is its single hook is often very easy to remove from the toothy jaws of a pike. this fly in black and orange is fantastic for pike on darker or cloudy days. coming in for our number one streamer to have in your fly box for northern pike in ontario has to be the perch pattern murdich. the mix of dark and light make it an ideal fly pattern to fish in most light conditions and that, coupled with its head-heavy shape, proves a target for big fish. make sure your knots are tied, and your bite wire is intact, because you’re in for a ride with this fly and the big northern pike it attracts! toothy, aggressive, and incredibly fly-friendly, northern pike truly are the big dogs on campus.

to be totally honest, for this fly, i used the materials from another old fly with a damaged hook. 😉 the hook is a good topic! for this sbs, i tied the fly with a head of senyos laser dub to give it more volume. easy to tie, very durable and awesome in the water. if the hook point is dull, you don’t have to throw the whole expensive pike fly into the trash. so, what if you could combine the advantages of normal pike flies and pike tubes without big effort?

one important thing: you need to tie on tubes with a big diameter, so the extension fits through it. it’s always cool to see such shots of a fish with a fly in its mouth that i’ve tied and a fishermen with a big smile on his face! it moves fantastic in the water, reflects a lot of light and is available in many colors. moves great in the water and it doesn’t absorb a lot of water like other natural materials like arctic fox. it pumps like hell in the water. here is the first fly i’ve tied with some of the materials.

in pike fly fishing with the streamer, the hook will stick very few times directly on the lips, as these fish often attack with great vehemence, swallowing the here is a list of the top 5 streamers to use when fly fishing for northern pike in ontario. northern pike are in fact the apex predator in finn raccoon is an awesome material for big pike flies. the long, soft hair moves really well in the water. it’s also very durable., best pike flies, best pike flies, custom pike flies, pike flies for sale, topwater pike flies.

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