pike fly fishing

pike is a great fish to catch on the fly and will fiercely strike flies both at the surface and further down in the water column. both of these rods rod allows you to cast all except the largest pike flies and the 8-weight also have the added benefit of doubling as a rod suitable for bass fly fishing. pike is also a weed-oriented fish and a heavier rod allows you to fight the fish out of cover that could cause you to loose the fish. this will allow you to very quickly switch between different types of fly lines whether it being a floating line, intermediate or full sinking line and is far more economical than buying an individual reel for each line type.

the first choice of a fly line for pike is very different from that you might be used to fishing for trout in streams and rivers. pike have their eyes on the top of their head and therefore tend to feed upwards in the water column and there is therefore no need to get your fly all the way down and bounce bottom which is more important when fishing for bass. when it comes to leaders and tippets for pike fly fishing it is time to go big or go home. most pike flies range from 4” to 9” inches in length and imitate baitfish of various types.

for many anglers, targeting northern pike on the fly can offer some of the most aggressive takes that you will find anywhere in the world; a defining factor that makes them an incredible species to target. then, watching your retrieve, the calm water surface suddenly erupts in a violent explosion as the visual take of a pike destroys your fly with tremendous speed and power. for them, the hunt is always on. for the most part, the location, the conditions, and the type of water are really going to be your best factors for getting a pike to eat your fly. they can be found in shallow water and being a cold-blooded animal, they use heat to get themselves active and into feeding mode. usually, the flies used are big and flashy to entice a strike.

when you cast using a topwater pattern like a mouse, frog, or popper and start stripping, pike aggression will kick in and they will suddenly b-line straight for it. in fact, pike are not notorious for putting up insane fights on a fly rod. neglecting to use wire leaders, your gear will immediately be shredded from these fish. the most important thing to remember when fly fishing for pike is that they are territorial and defensive. think of fly fishing for pike the same way. practice being able to huck a big rod with a big fly at short distances with wider loops. we’re here to ensure that you end up in the right place, at the right time, and with all the right information… at no additional cost to you.

fly fishing for pike requires heavier rods compared to those used for trout in streams and lakes. rods suitable for pike fly fishing generally range in weights typical flies used to target pike can be anywhere from 6-18 inches in length. they can vary from topwater flies like a mouse, frog, or popper patterns to using antti guttorm and tuomas rytkönen from vision go through, fly fish for northern pike, fly fish for northern pike, 7 weight fly rod for pike, fly fishing for pike book, fly fishing northern pike minnesota.

pike might be the perfect fly-rod fish. the guides of the north country are used to gloving up and untangling pike from plugs and lures since most pike flies average between 6 to 8 inches in length an 8-weight rod can handle them without issue. if you plan on throwing flies in what lessons and tactics can fly anglers adapt and learn from conventional angler to increase success in their own fishing. pro tips: top 10 flies for big, best fly line for pike, fly fishing walleye, 9wt fly rod, how to cast pike flies.

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