pha kettlebell workout

pha stands for peripheral heart action and is the forerunner of what is commonly called circuit training today. one of the key differences between this type of training and more conventional cardio is the resistance. the idea is to provide uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body while taking no rest in between sets. you are going to expend a tremendous amount of energy, and that translates into tremendous conditioning and fat loss. here is an example of a russian kettlebell specific pha program: russian kettlebells group one windmill 5 reps per arm renegade row 5 reps per arm double front squat 5 reps one-arm snatch 10 reps per arm one-arm swing 10 reps per arm complete three continuous rounds if you are able, and then move on to the next group of exercises.

if you cannot go for the full minute, do as many as you can in good form and rest until the top of the next minute. here is how a pha program might look using russian kettlebells combined with bodyweight exercises: group one double front squats renegade row pushups on kettlebells burpees one-arm snatch group two double clean and jerk jumping jacks two-arm swing hindu pushups slingshot to incorporate pha into your schedule, you could do the pha routine on monday, wednesday and friday. as an alternative approach, you can do two days per week of pha and two days of pure strength training (e.g. if the particular drill calls for 5 reps in a round and you can’t get that many continuously, it is acceptable to do a set of three and a set of two or even five singles. remember to get a good intake of fast acting carbohydrates such as myprotein’s waxy maize starch, and fast dissolving protein and amino acids – myprotein’s true whey is perfect for this with its excellent amino acid profile with a high concentration of bcaas.

go through each round 3-4 times with no more than a minute’s rest between exercises. work on it until you can go through each round four times with no rest at all, and you will be doing 40 minutes of continuous work. this also works well with bodyweight exercises. pha kettlebell workout, pha stands for peripheral hear action and it a creative way of getting results fast without getting holding a kettlebell upside down and against your chest will further increase the demands. 2 – split squats. body weight, low impact kettlebell workout, low impact kettlebell workout, kb workouts, pha training, pha workout pdf.

traditional methods for a pha workout would emphasize using five to six movements for five to six cycles with an increase in resistance for each cycle. for instance, here is a sample pha workout: standing press (barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, machine, kettlebell) try pha training to build muscle and burn fat in just 15 minutes. 1 front squat. reps 10 rest 0sec. 2 overhead press. reps 10 rest 0sec. 3 reverse lunge. reps 5 each side rest 0sec. 4 bent-over row. reps 10 rest 0sec. 5 back squat. reps 10 rest 0sec. 6 high pull. reps 10 rest 2min. . stands for “peripheral heart action”. pha is basically an intense form of circuit training in which, pha training bodybuilding, pha training results

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