Performance test plan template

Performance test plan template is a sample test document that shows the process and procedure of performance test plan and give the layout and format of sample performance test plan. A well drafted performance test plan sample can help business and product development team to make judgment on the effectiveness and efficiency of system.

Performance Testing Overview

Performance testing need to understand the customer requirements. One of the key criteria for measuring the effectiveness of system is that the system comply with the requirements and environment of clients. Software is written to fulfill some need that a person or a group of people has. To properly fill that need, the product development team must find out what the customer wants. Most development team collect detailed information in the form of surveys, feedback from previous versions of the software, competitive product information etc. All this information is then studied, condensed, and interpreted to decide exactly what features the software product should have.

Performance testing need to understand requirements and has a clear objectives. Though the test plan varies from project to project, Test plan objectives must be clearly specified. This includes the intended audience, type of workload model used, expected test outputs, and resource utilization. The set of objectives will directly affect the environment and hence also the estimation. The plan must highlight the usage model in detail. Each usage model depends on the type and number of workloads designed for the proposed test. A performance test plan should give a complete picture about the test requirements, testing processes, respective constraints, and above all, it should give details of expected results.

Performance Test Plan Template

There are free test sample you can download for reference, however, you may create your own sample performance test plan template based on your own needs and requirements through the common software such as Word or Excel. During the development process, it is crucial to consider the performance test plan format, performance test plan layout and performance test plan outline.

The first key part in performance test plan template is performance test background information. In the section, you may state the performance test purpose, performance test objectives etc. For example, the performance test goals:__, The performance test data:__ etc.

The second key part in performance test plan sample is the performance test strategy and performance test approach. In the section, you may state the details of the test environments. For example, the performance test will be divided into __ stages, the first stage will include:__; The second stage will include:__.

The last key part in the performance test plan example is the performance test resources. In the section, you need to give details of support, roles and responsibilities. For example, the Performance test team:__(Show roles and responsibilities of each members); The performance test schedules:__ (Shows the tasks and schedules).