perch trap

like everything else…the cost of good live bait has gone up over the past few years. bait fish traps such as this one allow fishermen to catch their own bait, save money, and more importantly – catch more fish. the 4-leaf clover variety of traps have always been our “go-to” trap. more bluntly, they’ll catch the bait you need for a successful trip!!! this bait fish trap comes ready to catch live bait!!! there are 2 doors on the trap: one for adding your bait into the bait holding tube (center of trap); and the other is at the bottom of the trap where you can easily dump the fish you catch out of the trap.the trap itself is made of 1/2 in. hardware cloth. it is galvanized, and rust resistant!  all you have to do is: (1) put your bait in the trap (bread / dog food / etc) (2) throw the trap and shallow water (3) tie the trap off and that’s it!!! very easy to use.

we are a manufacturer of bait fish traps, fish holding pens, and offer a few sweet outdoor themed clothing items as well. when you buy a trap from us, you are truly buying one of the best traps or pens on the market today. reel texas outdoors has been around since 2007 when mike started off selling fishing reels to buy his (now) wife an engagement ring. we started selling fish traps in 2010, and our traps have been sold to locations all over the southern u.s. and as far north as canada. we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and offering excellent customer support.

note – if you need a custom trap or pen, please shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 936-553-5509. we build custom pens and traps all the time, so hopefully your request will be something we can do for you. i’m looking to catch xxx (baitfish) and i want to get the best one for my needs. however, before i lay out the design for you… let me say that i realize we all have our preferences on how to do things (especially fishing). i will tell you… i have been building bait fish traps here in texas for about the past six years, and we send these traps all over the united states and even into canada. if a trap exists… i have seen it and have most likely built it. when you take a trip with ed, all of your fishing equipment is supplied.

nets & more bait trap. 24″ x 24″, 12″ deep. 1/2″ x 1/2″ mesh. galvanized or pvc coated mesh for bream and other bait fish. our most popular and best catching bait fish trap! this cloverleaf style perch trap can be used to catch perch, bream, pinfish, crawfish, and just about perch traps – bait fish traps – pinfish traps – outdoor blog – outdoors product reviews – we offer the best pricing on fishing reels and marine electronics!, perch trap diy, perch trap diy, perch trap academy, z perch trap, perch trap for sale.

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