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being stuck at home for the past couple of months provided me with a lot of time to clean and organize my decrepit tackle station at home. it blew my mind that people actually buy these to potentially tie on your line and lose in the first cast or take. i make these lures for the customer and want them to be the best they can be.” “i only give prototypes to people whom i know have a sound opinion and know what they are about though. obviously, family comes first, and we make sure that the kiddos get their fair share of mum and dad fun time but we just seem to fit it all in and we are happy!” with some of the best fishing spots just 5 minutes away from home, i wanted to find out what other destinations he has on his fishing bucket list.

i was supposed to be fishing the saudi international tournament this year with a crew and was gutted to miss that. we sort of prepared for it to get a bit quiet, but it did the absolute opposite. we can feel the love and passion for his craft in every one of his lures that we get a hold of. be the first to receive the latest articles, opinions, news, reviews, entertainment and how to’s from the world of sport fishing and the great outdoors.

on top lures is a small family owned lure company from new zealand, producing handcrafted timber lures finely tuned to target large predatory fish around the globe. in a short amount of time they’ve earned a reputation for being extremely productive and are becoming many anglers go to lure when chasing fish ‘on top!’ the 130g chop has been built to handle big fish. the shape gives it a good solid presence in the water and it’s action is a lively one, producing a nice big tail kick as its swept through the water. everything you need when chasing xos kingfish and gt. if you want a big fish lure that’s still easy on the body when casting all day, than the 130g chop is a must have for the kit! treble hooks: gamakatsu treble 24 gt recorder (gamakatsu 36544) (#5/0) or bkk gt-rex barbless treble hooks (bkk 100555) (5/0)

on top lures. world class handcrafted lures. designed and tested for successfully targeting big aggressive pelagic’s. mike and his family live in the small i design & hand craft timber top water lures for the salt water casting scene. these give you a waipu, new zealand 0510. world class handcrafted lures, designed and proven for successfully targeting big, aggressive pelagics. mike and his family live in the small seaside town, nacl lures, nacl lures, otl blackjack, otl piper, cavy signature lure.

otl – on top lures: what makes them one of the best handmade lures in the market? the dumbbell popper. specially designed for giant trevally, view our range of products in on top lures. these include otl piper bait 45g blue white, otl pencil popper 80g pineapple express, on top lures. product/service. hand made timber topwater lures proudly made in nz . . nxt batch ‘s profile picture. nxt batch ., carpenter lures, stickbait, moocher hunters, otl transport.

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