moosehead ice fishing traps

but the man at the center of it all, with his name on many of the tip-ups, could tell you which ones he made and when he made them. he would stay late to make the metal hardware for the traps, and had his neighbor run the wooden parts through the neighbor’s molding machine. by 2005, the business had outgrown his basement, and he moved it to its current 6,000-square-foot retail and production space in monmouth. “i was still coming into work for a couple of hours a day, but the place was going to hell,” jackson says.

then in march, after returning from a week-long fishing trip in the allagash with his family, norton had a jack traps box sitting at his front door. norton says he expected internet sales to drive new growth for the business. when norton interviewed for the job, he told jackson that jack traps, with its respected brand name, was the kind of business he would want to own. “when they came in here, they were pimply-faced 13-year-old kids who just couldn’t wait to get the best bait out of the tank and go,” jackson says. in our 48 hours features and other travel stories, we highlight places that make maine so unique, and our coverage of the incredible restaurants here will make you want to explore even more.

i glanced up toward the stars as my boyfriend, travis, drove the snowmobile across moosehead lake. argos, my brittany, shivered on my lap and i hugged him tighter. we went over a bump and our ice fishing gear jostled in the jet sled we were towing. in the bitter cold, under these stars.” travis turned the snowmobile off when we reached our fishing spot near mount kineo and argos jumped off my lap. “i’m going to drill my holes here, then you can take the auger and drill your holes while i set my traps,” travis said, gesturing in a line where he planned to set his tip-ups. and when we are all set up, let’s put the pop up over there and have a second cup of coffee and cook some venison sausage,” i said as i pointed toward shore. i followed behind him and laid a trap next to each hole. i studied his line of traps, their reflective tape glowed in the beam of my headlamp. i put a smelt from the 24-hour bait shop in shirley on the hook and set my first trap. !” i yelled to travis as i ran toward it.

they have to be 18 inches to keep on moosehead so i removed the hook and released the fish. as quickly as i could, i wrapped the line around the reel, re-baited the hook, and set the trap back in the water. my love of fishing was the only reason i was in this beautiful place enjoying this beautiful sunrise. as i studied, the flag at my feet popped up. i yelled to travis as i set the hook and started pulling in line. i turned around to survey my traps and noticed one of the flags was up. on days i’m more successful than him i attribute it to my female intuition and knowing precisely where to set my traps. “you have another flag!” i yelled back to him and pointed to a flag waving in the wind. christi is the founder of maine women hunters and works as a design engineer. she lives in gray.

i have an old set of moosehead traps that were my grandfathers, they are great traps, i like how i can set the drag by twisting a wingnut backed exceptional hand-made ice fishing tip-ups all products velcro flag keeper maple arms upgrade maple mast upgrade walnut arms upgrade walnut mast upgrade. tim jackson, founder of jack’s traps, spent over 40 years building and improving the ice traps now found on lakes all over the state and around the country., ice fishing in maine 2021, ice fishing in maine 2021, maine ice thickness report 2022, ice shanty, ice fishing maine.

call us! follow us on facebook! subscribe on youtube! follow us on twitter! follow us on flickr! argos the brittany stands guard near an ice fishing hole on moosehead lake on the first day of landlocked salmon of the season. america’s premiere ice fishing tip-up. please call (207) 843-5460 for curb-side pick up or order here and we will ship to you directly!, .

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