montana nymph

nymph fishing is a bread and better technique when fishing montana rivers. which nymphs to use and when is a complicated topic and probably the subject of some future posts. i find that when nymph fishing tail waters like the bighorn or missouri; or spring creeks like depuy’s it is essential to get a dead drift. tight line nymphing is a more subtle way to add motion and it has several advantages. i prefer to tight line nymph on rivers such as the gallatin, madison and yellowstone that have a large population of sculpins.

most of the time i default to a 9 foot leader when nymph fishing. since you have a tight connection to the flies, an indicator is not important as when dead drifting (but can still be important). split shot is more difficult to cast resulting in more birds nests and of course sometimes you snag flies on the bottom. if you are fishing a fast run that is 3 feet deep and you want your flies near the bottom you may need to set your indicator 6 feet above the flies with 2 or 3 split shot. another technique is to fish small nymphs just a few inches below the surface during a hatch with a very small tuft of yarn used as an indicator about 18″ above your top fly.

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